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Like a tiny version of Minority Report!
Android: If you're on a flight with your phone propped up in front of you, or listening to music while you work on your phone with your hands on the keyboard, it can be a pain to stop, unlock your pho...
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I just tested it, Awesome app!
+Dawn Brumbaugh Why? The proximity sensor is there to turn off the touch screen when the phone is close to your face (when making a call for instance) to avoid unwanted presses.
All other sensors have a purpose as well.
Yeah those puke sticks can't be far away now.
How many people hear about 'Wave Control" and immediately remember that specific joke in the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy?
+Maja Walker You probably really don't want to know, but I'm sure you can find a video somewhere of them using them in the movie Minority Report.
Didnt worked for me, it recognized the movements but nothing happened with the media player. too bad.
This is not the video on my droid that I was looking for.
OMG!!?! that is so cool, wish i had that phone ):<
Sony Vaio laptops have been doing this with webcams for years...
Where's the +1 button on the mobile site?
Omar O'Hara why pester someone for a comment she did not make. If you are so interested, research it. Don't be a pain about it.
Some people need ....redirection?
chu cho..
Teknologi makin cnggih..
makin canggih makin menumpulkan otak kiri manusia
Jaman modern bgini harus serba canggih donk'.?
Ron Fel
nokia 5800 did this along time ago
Ron Fel
not over the screen.. over the light censor on the top right of the phone
Indahnya kompak ,smoga sampe tua,
di circle ya +Agen Liga dan dapatkan berita seputar bola terkini dan terlengkap
Actually, Bob, some people need to be prepared to support their opinion or statement if they want their comments to be taken seriously. It's called common courtesy in a public discussion.
Otherwise, all you're doing is contributing to the noise, and not the actual discussion. It's no different than someone randomly jumping into a discussion about a new car, and explaining how much they like pumpkin pie. Sure, they're entitled to their opinion.... but what purpose did sharing that opinion serve for that discussion?
Michael, There were comments (now deleted) that were not based on opinions but created to be more like harrassment (or just annoying). Implying things that were never there. Dawn seemed harrassed I commented to clarify and that I do like pumkin pie..
+Bob Belding Ah, missing comments always make the remaining discussion seem odd. However, I believe my original point still stands, if not in this particular instance, then still in general.
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