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Raspberry Pi week continues with our full how-to on creating an insanely cheap, silent XBMC media center:
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I did this for some relatives (as xmas gifts) and it works awesomely (just be sure to turn off auto update as they can be wonky for those less tech savvy among us)
My only misgivings are it's lack of DTS.
Love mine.  It turned my Windows media center into a whole house DVR by letting me watch recorded TV shows in the bedroom.
Your article mentions that it has trouble with 1080p.  I have not had any issues.  The only time it got a little weird was when the audio stream was off.  Easy fix is to set audio output to analog and voila no issues at all.
I might give this a try. I have been using plex for a while now but it's starting to give me issues. Any idea how this compares? 
It is also good to over clock the raspberry . there are some settings in raspbmc that you can do that ! 
Just got my pi, waiting on the other bits then away I go, this will be a great help, guys you're kick ass awesome thanks \m/
Too bad there's not a dedicated high quality sound output... My LCD TV is an older model and there's no HDMI pass-through, so I can only hear stereo sounds.
Cool. Something my nephew would love to do!
Been running raspmc on one of my Pi's for a while. Great little use case for this hardware, and cheaper than an AppleTV. 
This seems like a really cheap alternative to other setups out there, and a fun tech project at that. May do this for when my ps3 just isn't entertaining enough.
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