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I hate it when I forget to disable WI-Fi before leaving, only to watch my phone drain its battery scanning for open access points. This app makes it so I don't ever have to worry about that again:
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Nothing new here, y5 has been doing this for years 
Juice defender has had this functionality for a long time. 
This is what I do with tasker. Nice to see there's choice of solutions though.
Interesting little app. I don't mind leaving WiFi on mainly because as +Sean Reynolds says it helps improve location services especially in a remote-ish area. I don't find it uses too much battery either and since I disabled its constant notifications of hotspots it doesn't bother me either.
I've been using Llama to change my wifi settings, sound profiles, etc.  Works pretty well and doesn't eat battery.
Use NFC tags. hit it when you leave the house so it gets turned off and hit it again when your home to turn it on. this way you wont need an app running checking your location. you can use it for in the car also to turn on BT and so on. lots of uses. you just have to put a little effort in it to creat it all and hide the tags.
actually it doesn't drain ur battery that much, no need to worry...i always leave my gnexus wifi on
... if someone could remember to hit it with NFC to turn the radio on and off... they'd simply remember to turn the radio on and off...
Smart Actions on Moto Droid RAZR does this already.
Sounds like a young facebooker using lots of big adult words there.+Jeffrey Miller go back to facebook until you can learn how how converse with adults.
+Terry Bader I don't see how he has a problem with conversing with adults. Seems OK to me.

And guys, stop turning every single post into a flame war.
It might sound paranoid, but every second that wifi is on it is leaving your phone open to attack, I see this app as a security risk. +Moritz Ulrich gave us the best solution. +Jeffrey Miller you need to stay off threads like this one. We are talking about real phones here, something you know nothing about.
+Moritz Ulrich Yep, since I disabled "Alert me about open networks" leaving Wi-Fi on has hardly any effect on battery life at all.
While this might be somewhat useful, I haven't had to disable WiFi to gain battery since gingerbread on my HTC Incredible. Times have changed.
I haven't had any issues with my phone dying because it was looking for wifi networks. I have had it die because the G3 signal was so weak. Keeping it on G4 always is a sure battery killer. I actually prefer to be on wifi whenever possible because the battery lasts the longest then.
Llama has been there for years and has more functionality than this
Verizon has an app, WiFi on, that will toggle your WiFi on and off depending on your location. It uses your cell signal location to do this instead of GPS therefore no battery is used up on gps
Ermahgerd, iPhone user jumps in without understanding what the app does at all. IPhone doesn't turn off Wi-Fi automatically at all. It will scan to find your preferred Wi-Fi points all the time, draining your battery too. This app lets android phones use cell tower information (not GPS) to get your location to know when to turn on Wi-Fi (eg, when you get home).

So it's not so much "glad I don't have to deal with this" so much as "your phone won't let you do anything about it, so apps like this don't even exist". It's like bragging that you don't have to deal with wrenches because your car is assembled with glue.
Dear Google+'ers, Please don't feed the trolls. Thank you. 
Now go back to iStore and find a similar app. Oh wait,it costs five dollars,does it? Parading your iPhone still?
Alternatively you could use juice defender. A lot of power saving features in box,even in the free version.
Not parading, just not being some jerk making points about my phone.
There is an app for iOS that does this as well, it's called "using hardware hat doesn't significantly drain the battery when wifi is left on."
Hahahaha +Jeff Simpson  "It's like bragging that you don't have to deal with wrenches because your car is assembled with glue."
I've something similar in my Motorola RAZR. It's smart actions:-) 
I've been using llama, so far so good.  This seems similar.
+Jeffrey Miller the problem is that you're actually wrong. IOS doesn't give you enough information to know that Wi-Fi causes minor battery drain even while disconnected. Android has a wonderful battery use page. The problem exists in both platforms. Even if you wanted an app like this in iOS, you'd need to jail break. 
Hasn't been an issue for quite some time. The battery drain is far too minimal to warrant this.

And to the iPhans: yes, your phone doesn't need this. Neither do ours. This is for a certain class of user who desires to micro manage every detail. You don't have that luxury. We do. 
What about NFC, does anyone know if it uses any noticeable current while not in use ?
+Leo Vendler  Nah, I don't know the technical details behind it, but I haven't seen any noticeable drain from turning it on.  Test battery life with it off/on for yourself.
Smart app! Is such an app available for iOS?
+Leo Vendler NFC is only active when phone is on and unlocked, and doesn't take much juice then. I use NFC tags for location based profiles.
Am not to stupid or lazy to find the "Mute David Robertson" button.
But doesn't it burn even more battery using the GPS?
Why not use Tasker? You can use Cell Towers instead of GPS to find locations and will save more battery. Alternatively, Llama which is free can also be used. Green Power Premium is another simple and awesome smart power saving app. I have used all three, Tasker is most satisfying as it allows me to experiment and play.
These apps would be more appealing (like the ad blocker app posted yesterday) if they didn't leave an annoying icon up in the top left corner that you can't disable.
+Bernard Shuford - This app uses cell towers to get location, not GPS. It's using information the phone already has to collect just to be able to make/receive calls, so it's not wasting any power on RF.

+Dhruva Krishnamurthy - This app is free and Tasker costs money :-) (I have and use Tasker, but I can see why a simplified + free app might have a place in the market)
I don't know about this app +Anthony Guillen , but these kind of apps usually used the cell towers for rough location which doesn't hit the battery too much. Unfortunately I live too close to where I live so they never know I have moved. Google Now doesn't know when I have left my house for the same reason.
I've never actually turned my wifi off on my note 10.1 cause it still last even 2 days on normal use (actually i use it a lot even for voice call), but gotta try this and see how it works
llama is also a nice free app based on cell tower. It allows such settings and much more…
Nice, I always forget to turn mine off and the battery dies so much faster.
Mobile signal is mostly weaker than WIFI. Hence, your phone will burn more battery power to connect and use mobile data compared to WIFI
The poor iFans are scraping for something relevant to say these days. Anyway if you really want to save some battery leave your WiFi on and connect to a network to escape the 4G drain.
So let me make sure I understand this. You don't want to leave wifi on all the time, so you download an app that uses GPS all the time to turn off wifi when you're not where it's useful.

Uhh.. you can just download Juice Defender.. it will monitor your 4G, 3G, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.. and keep other apps from connecting to the internet.. you can even put your phone in Airplane mode through the night while you sleep, e.g. 11p - 6a.. I got the app on sale for 3 bucks.. it is good.. I have the HTC EVO 3D, upgrading to Galaxy S3.. we'll see if I need it on this phone
+Jeremy Land - No, it uses the already-available tower information to get location, not GPS.
I love Android.. And it will be good for many countries who are not yet enjoying the benefit of the Internet to get more orientation on the system, it's application and how it works.
I have always felt  #Tasker should be part of core ROM be it Android/iOS/Win. Reacting to events is the most natural action. We have GUI showing up on various events expecting user interactions. It is just taking that concept ahead and providing a predefined action for an event.
I use lama to control WiFi by using proximity to cell towers. Works great!
+Dhruva Krishnamurthy I am a geek of many years, and I struggle to make Tasker do anything, it has an awful unintuitive interface. You are living in a dreamworld if you think it is ready for a mass audience. The concept is good however.
Llama also does things like this and so much more.
+Josh Fisher - Agreed. There are still some problems with Android OS - one is that background apps and services can be killed if the OS decides that it needs the memory. That's by design, but developers have to work around that problem in strange ways. With an app like this, it HAS to stay running or it won't function - there's no UI to trigger it to wake up. The workaround to force an app to stay running by giving it an ongoing notification or a widget. Annoying, but functional.
Great idea! Wouldn't be that beneficial to me due to the fact that I am constantly on campus... Still a fantastic app
+Andrew Prockter I agree 100%. It is like asm/c in the land of Java/Python. I like it mainly because of the flexibility and control it gives. There are things that can be done to #Tasker to make it more powerful. It can start with giving pre-canned profiles with UI to customize it.
Juice defender all day its been great
Why is your battery draining that much while it searches for wifi. I've got a name for battery destruction #cameronning and searching for wifi isn't one of the culprits. Cool app nonetheless
Does this mean that the GPS radio is now the component that drains the battery?
just enable this feature under the advanced wifi need for an extra app and gps calls
i am very glad to attend this job
To everyone else's point, wifi isn't even in my top 5 for battery consumption.  Over 50% can be credited to sync and location services. When I turn those off my GS2 can go for days.
+Peter van der Linden, it uses Cell Towers (Network Location), not GPS.

+Adán Romero There is no such option. Here are the options you might be confusing it with:
Network Notification: You can have it not notify you of open networks. It will still scan, though, because it needs to be able to automatically connect to the networks you have saved when they are in range. The only way to know if a network is in range is to scan for it.
Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep: You can have it turn off wifi during sleep. It will still scan when the phone is awake, and it will turn off the wifi when it's sleeping, even if it's still in range of a wifi AP. That means it will waste battery on 3G/4G even when it's sitting at home right next to your AP.
Avoid Poor Connections: This will avoid connecting to APs that have poor signal and poor internet speeds. This has nothing to do with scanning, really.
+Brian Klippel  same here. most of mine is from the blanketed Android OS listing which I assume is the sync and the screen. still get 35 hours of battery.
Its amazing how a post about a battery can turn into an apple vs android war. Get em boys!
+william os  use Llama to turn sync on and off, adjust volumes, open applications (like "Open Maps when I leave home", Music when I get to the gym..) , Toggle night mode (quiet, sync off, data off, bluetooth off etc. to maximize battery if I forget to plug it in).
+Alexander Andreev I leave it on all of the time and don't notice any difference in battery. I think it's reported under "Android System" and on my phone, that is next to no draw no power.
Are you people being paid for defending Android or Apple? If so, where do I sign? Like the Joker said "if you are good at something, never do it for free", and hell I want to get paid too for bickering over smartphones!
BAHHHH  HAAA Who wrote this??? GPS Chugs way more battery (I find) then wifi.
Yeah man, I do it every freaking time and don't remember until after the battery dies, then I'm like "oh yeah, let me check and see if I left on this damn wifi...oh look a dead battery, I guess i did."
Dan M
Its true Sean.
+Steve Jackson seems that GPS would drain your battery faster than Wi-Fi. Defeats the purpose.

Update: looks like it doesn't use GPS but cell towers. Then it might be actually useful. 
Another option is to use NFC programable stickers. 
This app uses the phone's network location, meaning it reads cell tower data.

Doesn't use GPS.
+Alex Leykin +Sean Roan it doesn't use GPS, it uses cell towers. Since the phone is already keeping track of cell towers, that means that this app is using no additional RF at all - no wasted battery.
+Dan M - it's not true. This app uses no GPS, only Network Location (cell tower).
I don't like how it works, tried it and it failed. 
it is horribly i tried it and it was the worst thing ever 
worst mistake in my life to try this wifi connection
llama does the same and lets you do so much more. 
I would think that the phone developers would have built in an efficient way to do this already and every phone would be doing it the same way by now.
Chuck: What was wrong with it?
Uses battery to run the GPS receiver in order to determine when to turn off wifi to save power.
"Granted, Smart WiFi Toggler doesn't do anything that ... Tasker can't already do, "

'Nuff said.  I already have Tasker empowering my phone and tablet, so I don't need this.

Besides, the WiFi scan doesn't kill the battery nearly as much as the applications asking to have data access. I get much better battery life now that I uninstalled the various Facebook power leaches, and could do even better if I uninstalled Twitter et al.
Half of these people didn't even read the article to see what it actually does. It doesn't use GPS, and it is currently updated. Some if the apps mentioned are a fortune or have functionality you don't need if all you want is the ability to manage WiFi.
Thank you, +Lifehacker. I've d/l and installed this, and will give it a run to see how well it works out for me.
Smart actions, preloaded on most new Motorola devices has an app similar to this based on GPS location. Its amazing.
I thought this was duplicating other apps until I installed it - it actually has some really intelligent features baked in. It will automatically learn the locations of your saved wifi points. When it thinks you are in range of wifi, it will turn on wifi - but if no connection is established within a configurable timeout, it will turn it back off again. If you manually enable wifi, it will give you a configurable window of time to connect to an AP before it will automatically turn it back off again. If you're connected to an AP, it won't turn wifi off, either. They've thought of a number of things that are really necessary for this to work well that an app like Tasker or Llama would need a lot of configuration (or might not even be able to do).

All of this being said, I normally just leave wifi on 24/7 and I've not noticed much battery draw from it at all. Screen is the big killer for me.
Hey guys I have a phone too... android ftw...
+David Federlein +Jeff Simpson

If you notice, nearly every single 'Apple vs.' flame war is started by the Applers.
People having a totally unrelated discussion about Android, or Nokia or Symbian or Windows 8 or anything - and Mister Cool Apple user has to jump in with his pearls of wisdom about how wonderful the latest iWhatever is. When everyone else brings out the pitchforks and torches, s/he acts all shocked and wonders what the fuss was about.

Whether 'I'm a Mac, I'm a PC', or iPod vs generic MP3 players, or iPhone vs Android - it always begins with an Apple asshole who thinks his choice of gadget makes him smarter or better than everyone else.

Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY else, is content to talk/rave/bitch about their own products. If you see any Android fanboys here, it's only in reaction to years of smug hipsters showing off their iProducts.
Leaving wifi on does not drain the battery. Also, you can turn off the feature that enables your phone to look for open networks in settings.
doesnt this app drain battery as well ! xD aside from ram usage too
Been using Locale for ages, does the same thing, and with plugins offers a whole lot more.
To get back on topic - though it's been mentioned before, GO GET TASKER!!

If you could have only ONE paid app on Android, this is it. Instead of installing dozens of different apps for individual automated tasks, just get Tasker and automate the shit out of your Android ways iOS users can't ever imagine (see what I did there?)
+Raja Swaminathan I don't have anything against Apple or the iPhone. It's a good product. I just don't like when users of any product jump into a topic they know nothing about with a statement that's both untrue and un-backed.

I'm just as annoyed by the people jumping in and saying "This app is dumb, GPS wastes battery", not realizing that the app doesn't even use GPS at all.
Roy Luo
well, it sounds useful but not suitable for me.
+Jeff Simpson  I hear ya - but the point I'm making is that it is mostly Apple users who somehow feel the need to show off about the fact that they paid for and bought a product based on a list of their own priorities (just the same way anyone else buys anything).

I have a Creative Zen 60 GB widescreen portable media player that runs Divx/Xvid and other formats out of the box that no iPod can.
I've had Nokia smartphones since 2004, capable of doing most of what Android does today and more..switched to Android in 2010.
Both Symbian and Android are far more capable than iOS (the former on extremely humble hardware and for 5 years before iOS even existed)
In all this time I've never felt the need to boast about my choice of product or run down non users; I was happy to use them and to connect with other people who also used them.

So why can't Apple fanboys just shut up about their choices and continue to use them as they see fit?  You don't find Android or Windows users trolling on or other Apple focused sites, but you'll find iTrolls everywhere spreading the gospel of Steve.
For the most part, this app is unnecessary.  Perhaps some manufacturers have their wifi scanning set too frequently and it can thus cause excessive battery drain.  But, I haven't seen that issue.  My rooted stock-based ROM reset wifi scanning to a more reasonable frequency and so leaving wifi enabled doesn't result in noticeable drain. 
Question can u jail brake a samsung galaxy s 3 for free apps 
Don't have this problem with an iPhone...
Ok so there nothing I can do than for the free app and I just made this so
learing how to use it
troll ( /ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is someone who posts inflammatory,[1]extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[2] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

So I'm trading wifi pinging for GPS pinging to save battery life? How does that work?
this is a built in feat in Jelly Bean. oh for the rest of you folk, I get it.
+Omar Khan thanks for the heads up! Most of the android population is still on Gingerbread or ICS sadly...
The worst is when I am at a red light by my Starbucks. Automatically connects every time. 
Or use NFC tags. Have one/two set up near the door. Tap on the way out to turn off WIFI. Tap on the way in to turn on WIFI.
This does not work dirt the gnex Atty least bit mines
I wish they made an app that would shut a couple of these guys up
Sounds perfect does the iPhone have a similar app?
I leave wifi turned on all the time.  Nearly everywhere I go has wifi available, and I can honestly say I've never noticed any appreciable impact to my battery life as a result.
a great free app called "LLAMA" does this and many other location-related actions without draining the battery
or just leave wifi on and android will connect to remembered hotspots automatically...
Wait..there's no option on Android for wifi only Internet?
But scanning let's me know that the place or business I'm at has free WiFi..... 
I guess y'all never take advantage of free public hotspots, eh? 
i have to wonder how this will cope with the free wifi I get on my bus home....
get Llama guys. It's this but for all the settings in ur phone
With nfc tags a simple tap will switch phone profiles. If you have nfc check out Samsung tec tiles in the play store.
I don't comprehend this NFC advice. As others pointed out, if you can remember to tap your phone against a tag, you can remember to hit the WiFi button in the notification bar. NOT what this solution is about.
Uhh try SettingsProfiles... You can manually adjust the range and location of your "wifi zones" and create rules to alter your phone settings (like setting silent mode on nights before work) 
There isn't a setting in the phone to have the phone join known networks implicitly and not bother joining unknown networks unless  manually told to do so?? 
+Jason Bowden Of course there is. That's not the point of this at all. The point is that it's constantly searching for available wireless networks (including known ones) which SOME people think is a heavy battery drain.
I never have a problem with it on my 1 x.
Check out NaV-LaB at: reverbnation!
Why would you disable WiFi? Location services don't work well without it.
+Scott Beamer A perfect reason why you and I will never use this app. I find the app completely unnecessary. But for the people confused about what it does, I was just trying to clarify.
Nice app... But llama is also free and do many other things... Easy to use too... Though 'Tasker' also can do, but 'tasker' is not free and need some 'logic' etc to put...
+Hamza Omer 4G LTE drains less battery than WiFi. WiMAX 4G sucks up more battery than WiFi.
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