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Love the launcher in Ice Cream Sandwich but don't have an ICS phone? Here you go:
Android: If you're stuck on a device running 2.3 Gingerbread (or even worse, 2.2 Froyo) and your manufacturer has no plans on upgrading your phone anytime soon, Holo Launcher gives you all of the feat...
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If you are already on ICS, but you want that AOSP feel to your phone, I recommend Apex launcher. Won't work on Gingerbread though, I think.
This is pretty nice actually. I'm enjoying it especially while I wait for the ICS update for the GSII.
I just installed it on my Incredible S. A nice visual upgrade until (and IF) ICS makes its way to my phone.
Don't waste your time and install any of the famous, but unofficial ICS roms :-) More than worthy.
My original galaxy S is running ICS and has been since November. It really doesn't take much to upgrade on your own. XDA.
I've been using Go Launcher ex with ics theme.
Just installed it on my HTC Incredible 2. I really like it so far. It will be my launcher until my phone gets the actual ICS (by end of August is the latest that I read).
I also put it on my DInc2. Looks more like real ics than the go launcher theme but the functionality of Go is hard to beat. We'll see. 
Awesome recommendation. Spruced my lower tier phone right up
+Tim Tekaev More or less this is aimed at those who own a phone without a fully working ICS Rom. My Samsung Spica really appreciates this Launcher.
Loving it. Until CM9 comes to my phone this will have to do.
It's a breath of fresh air after almost two years on HTC Sense with my Evo.
This is beautiful. Droid Razr Maxx. And if you decide you don't want and uninstall, your home screens will be the way you left them :D
Then the government is less effective at tracking your every move.
Had the official ics update for my gs2 for one hour. It sucks, nasty touchwiz. Root and install an pure ics rom. Dont bother w8ing for the official "ics" update.
I wish all phones had an ICS upgrade. This wouldn't happen if manufactures update our phones to ICS. Hais.
Thank you, very, very useful.. for my brother.. I just got an iPhone waiting for the GIII
I saw this post, checked my Settings/about phone/HTC Software Updates/Check Now and it upgraded my HTC Sensation to ICS. Maybe all of you with an HTC should check your software updates before installing Halo Launcher (ie +Grant Kegley  +Sean O'Neal  ...). It took a long time to update though so wait for a moment that you won't be using your phone for an hour or two.
I really like the iPhone but don't tell +Tony Simons DON'T TAKE me out of that circle I still have my Galaxy S and I'm getting the new red AT&T G3 Tony... oxoxoxo
Seems to be cool. Have it on my Galaxy $. Runs smooth
Works smoothly on my Motorola StarTAC
Love it, but seem to be missing some Widgets.
It's cool but a bit laggy. Should I uninstall go launcher?
It works pretty well on my girlfriend's galaxy ace. SMOOTH!!!
It works perfectly on my xperia arc s
Works amazingly on my HTC Incredible 2! 
Had to uninstal. Might have been conflict with go launcher ex.
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