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Works like a charm, and we even have the science to back it up:
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A lot of effort.... just to keep them fresh... buying less or eating more keeps them fresh too :)
Plant tissue injury, such as by tearing the individual fruits apart, increases the rate of ethylene production.
I'm going to try this to see if it really works.  Although I usually buy my bananas ripe.
Seems like a market opportunity for a banana stem condom.
+Jesse McFarlane There exist Fingertip-"Condoms" for use if you have a cut in the finger and don't want to use a full latex-glove and want to keep the cut dry and clean when cooking etc. I'd guess they fit perfectly, but may be a little expensive for this kind of use... 
...or you could just buy what you plan on eating and not waste plastic. That's cool.
+Bradley Moore thinking, logic and considering all sides of a story has no place on the internet. Shame on you, good sir!
just buy less XD and eat them.
And if they turn brown add milk and a blender and a squirt of lemon juice
Also all-too-ripe bananas make a good tasty sugar-subsitute for baking all kinds of stuff... 
freeze them and then make banana bread
Peel and freeze them: great for later smoothies, slicing over cereal, cooking. 
Weird. Y would some one need this technique?
+ahsan iqbal This would be great for a single dude like me, that finds his bananas going bad faster than he can eat them. 
I wonder if that's why the organic bananas at the grocer have plastic wrapped around their stem end.
I knew about the separation part -- I'll have to give the wrapping a shot.
Is this true! That would be great
I have actually tried this and with aluminum foil as well, it still really does depend on where you get them from. However it does add some life to them.
will have to try this, I throw so many bananas away, my husband will not eat them too ripe
And uhh over here we have the (well preserved) ancient banana in a condom section. 
Good health in our body
I love bananas and i will just eat them. 
Gonna tell my parents about this...i think they have the patience to do this ,n because they eat bananas daily
You know painting the bananas black also helps, it's better to use paint you can easily wash off.
I like bananas, bananas are good 
This conversation is driving me bananas. Good point re tissue damage, i hate bruised banana. Very. Ripe bananas are best used for banana cake so get baking! 
I don't have them long enough to worry about it ;-))
I could eat 40 bananas, in one go.
THIS is useful information. THIS is what can help people out.
This is great information!
Thanks. Can you give the some ideas as to how i can preserve Mango for 6 months?.
Wrap them in plastic will look like they are wearing condoms. :P
OR allow them to ripen, peel and save in the freezer. They don't freeze hard like ice.
Ken o
Why bother how long it can tek just buy the much you can consume 
+Bradley Moore it works perfectly for me. I need them to last several days as I drive to remote areas of Western Australia and need to be self sufficient. They generally last 2-3 days from green to over ripe with the heat up here. That's 2-3 days too short for me...
Bananas are the fruit of the 21st century: portable, easy to eat, and good for your energy.
Neil B
Or just make banana bread with the overripe bananas
Buy them as green as possible, they will last for more than a week!
To be honest, speaking nutritionally, the more over ripe your banana is, the better.
or let them rot and make banana bread
Prophylactic? Did those two bananas just finish having....... :-/
Too much work for almost nothing.
I always have to wait a week for bananas from the supermarket to ripen enough to be edible. I always wondered why they sell them so underripe but having read the comments here I'm surprised to discover some people actually like them like that. Personally I've always thought there's no such thing as an overripe banana, you can always make puddings with mushy ones.
wow that is not cool at all
After there ripe peal wrap
in wax paper and freeze then use when ever
Also, apples outgas a ton of ethylene, so if you want your bananas to stay fresh keep them away from your apples, or if you want them to ripen quickly put them in a paper bag with an apple.
Its very interesting and I always like banana
just buy n eat when its fresh. whats the big deal
May Dae
Thank you for this trick, also my friend I open my bananas from the bottom by squeezing the bottom tip lol much easier to open 
Keep em away from apples too!
+James Peacock The super markets buy the green bananas because they ship easier. There is a critical mass of ripeness where the bananas start to produce ethylene and a truckload of bananas can go bad overnight. So the supermarkets get a lot of their fruit in a not quite ready state. It disturbed me to see people eating unripe bananas. A ripe banana should be yellow with a few dimples and the stem should tear cleanly without smashing the pulp.
If bananas get too ripe. Make a banana pudding.
Or you could just put the bananas in the fridge. Last a lot longer than the plastic wrap thing. They turn black in fridge but keep 3 times as long. Try it. It works!
Banana has gone on plc
It,s difficult for me to get to the store often, I'm looking forward to see if this works.
how about eating them before they go bad
Banana is good for health
If it works its. Its good idea. If not. A smoothie sounds good. 
some of them work. . bt nice bananas
I just get my bananas from the local high school.  They come pre-wrapped in condoms, which makes sense now.  Boy, Home Economics has changed since I was last in school.
Buy them green. That way you just wait for them to ripe. Also, learn the fact that extra ripe bananas also taste good.
Wow so now my bby can eat all his nanas
I remember seeing a commercial on tv about this green plastic bags that kept fruits and vegetables fresh. For example a banana that would take like 2 weeks to spoil would take like 4 weeks.
Also keep them away from apples and in a crisper draw in your fridge 
They dont last long enought in my house. But going to try for the hick of it.
any ideas on keeping greens, vegetables and produce to last longer.  I am a cook on a tall ship with very little refrigeration and warm climate.  I heard you could wrap lettuce and produce in paper and place them in a plastic tote.  Drill holes in the plastic tote so air get in.  anyone try this?
I am starting to wonder if anyone saying buy fewer, and eat them before they go bad actually eats bananas that often. Or maybe I just have the fastest spoiling bananas on earth. 
Nice tip..for those mile away from market. But i prefer my fruit always fresh..
heh, nice tip.  learned something.
Thank you so so much my 6 year old and I love bananas and there good for you 
i like all fruits
If you have a lot of children and wish to ripen bananas, put them in a paper bag with other fruits. I just change the subject. Hahaha
Very much useful tip for the persons who like Bananas or Banana intake is very much needed for them. Thanks a lot
I keep seeing this tip. I've tried it twice, even once keeping wrapped and non-wrapped bananas at the same time to note the differences. There were none, the wrapped bananas kept no longer than the ones I left alone. It did not work for me.
Thanks for sending one of most brief email.
We cannot remember alaways that God is behind every act. So, thanks
for this reminder & grateful to you.
Kai nay cung hay hay 
A lot of effort....just to keep them fresh....buying less or eating more keeps them fresh too :)) hihi
Hmmmm………… what's on your mind ;-) ???
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