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Some have it curled and others have it twirled or me I have have it twisted!!>> 
Kinky bacon! Although I wonder if Kyra goes for the ball-gag, or just a simple riding crop...
Lily Wu
yes, good idea
Since when? +Bob Sanger beat me to it.  lol  I think it makes perfect sense.  In the article, they say it  makes "bacon straws".  That just sounds so damn yummy.  
How do I +1 this multiple times?
Greatest idesd ever!!!!!!! Bacon is second to oxygen.
Better yet, roll little slices of date into the bacon before baking for the most delicious hors d'ouvres.
I do 4 or 5 on wooden skewers over the coals of my barbecue. Scrummy!
Gonna try this soon! Thanks for the tip!
Add brown sugar and lots of black pepper. Try on a few to try even if left flat on a baking sheet in an oven.
i love it. with a hot coffee, a piece of toasted bread. now for heaven sake please.... can i have an order of that.
BACON. Mmmmm. Twisted like me :-)
bacon can bring world peace,just saying,lol...justin
If only we had a +10 button nom
Come on man! Bacon don't need seasoning!
Season your bacon before cooking!?! To save time just take 3 tablespoons of salt orally and leave the bacon in the fridge. 
i had these already they tasted awesome.
💩 STOPS Here! ! ! 
This makes it easier to dip into melted dark chocolate for real Pocky.
Are you achin' ? Yub yub , for some bacon? Yub yub, you can be a big pig too!
Wow. If I ate bacon, that's how I would cook it. Bacon = Salty Fat
Ok...bacon lovers ....everything in moderation...we all have our thing we eat or drink....all that aside ...a wonderful idea...if u are serving breakfast with bacon why not crispy bacon tubes..dont be so critical of something new
Sam Bao
So many health conscious tags here. What has g+,become the club of vegetarian and pacifists?
F you +Bao Sam I'll kick your ass for saying I'm a vegetarian!

That better? ; )
Oh, I get it.
That way the bacon turns into a straw then we can slurp up the renders from inside the straw.

very cool - put a whole new "twist" to bacon - no pun intended - lol...
A new way to sell bacon on the street .... BACON WRAPS FOR $1.00
(I actually love this idea )
Wonder if this could work with  vegetarian bacon...
Sorry, the jews beat you to it:
Kichel - A curled, sugared pastry
Looks exactly like the picture aboive, but tastier!
I have learned more awesome things about bacon from lifehacker...
Juse Jamez you are damn right bacon don't need no god damn seasoning, listen to this man he knows his bacon. Bless you my brother, bless you. Treat the bacon right and leave it be. This twisty thing is a mere fad, you watch by Monday I'll be eating the flat stuff again.
I wonder how long to cook a spiral bacon in the oven.
Remember that time when we ran out of bacon? Remember! Almost tore this family apart
There need to be more posts about bacon.
Only this better than this is a Bacon wrapped, Bacon sandwich with twisty Bacon on the side! Yum.
I can go for twisting it but season bacon. It is already salty no seasons needed for me.
Twisted backfat from a cadaver.  Ewww! Might as well paste it on your ever fattening abdomen.  And in those little narrow coronary artARRRGGH, thump. Those little piggies are bred to fatten AFAP, as fast as possible.  You are what you eat. Step away from the bacon...
I sometimes think I might like a few herbs on my bacon.  Herbs de Provence, for example.

And if you don't like bacon, why comment on a bacon thread?
Yes... your arteries will look just the same the day  the forensic opens you...
Looks good if only I ate pork... Wonder if Turkey bacon curls nicely like that?
Ive done bacon curls for years and biceps still small and flabby
Rick B
I would try that, but Mom told me not to play with my food.
Here they sell them that way !
Hmmmmm. I'll have to try this the next time I make bacon.
SaL 13
I got an achin for bacon!
The goal of course is completely flat bacon.
I'm all about a new way to cook bacon! Nice!
I will certainly give that a ago :-)
Mmm... Add this to the 1001 ways to enjoy bacon book. 
J Smith
i already do this! it does make it turn out evenly crispy!
OK, who is responsible for this? Haven't u heard of iBacon? Its patented!!!
Could've at least filled 'em with something...
Cali you hold your tongue.  Bacon is one of the great accomplishments of Western Civilization!  
Definitely going to try this!   Hmmmm Bacon! =P
Now that you have your baccon twisted deep fry it
bacon...the fat girl in me just came out for a moment =)
Our school RUINS bacon. >:( I'm not even sure if they serve real bacon....O.o
Can this be done w/ turkey bacon?
Lightly coat the bacon in seasoned flour, makes a crispy batter coating.
thanks,, tried it just now... another way to enjoy THE main food group
Bacon isn't supposed to be that crispy. Stop over cooking your bacon! You can thank me later.
I will definitely try this as part of my Halloween party this year
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