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Here's a unique way to seat all your friends so they can all see the TV...and cheap, too:
We've shared some interesting construction ideas for shipping pallets in the past, from building a couch to a whole workspace built with them, but this suggestion is a little easier to tackle—comforta...
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beautiful seating....i like it, show me how to order ?
Nice... but where do the people in the back put their legs?
...and those pillows don't look cheap.
wow very good... l like it...
In some parts of the world, people make entire houses out of these. 
Wow, I really like that. Glad I click too, because the box at the bottom appeared to be a small TV with flowers sitting on top, and I was about to say all that for that TV. lol :-)
An interesting approach, but if someone was going to install a home theater (and had the money for that) - why would they use cheap shipping pallets? Innovative, for sure - but not very impressive to your guests. Building something from scratch would be far cooler, albeit a bit more expensive.
+Jed Gravelin you can use shipping pallets for the frame and then cover them on the side with fabric so no one will know.
I see lots of pallet projects on Pinterest, but don't ever know where to find them...
so the designer thinks we don't have a leg
chip r
I used to make the thing at my first job.
The place was a wicked rat trap hole in the wall that made my life an unmitagated hell.
I sure don't want one anywhere near or in my house.
One should tie his legs to avoid kicking someone in the front
WHAT!!!!! i'm already feeling like resting
I'd be very interested to learn about building a deck for next to nothing...
Hey everybody, let's all go to my place and watch a movie on these shipping pallets...
that's assuming I have a room that big.
Not sure but I think I'd still prefer beanbags.
only thing is the space needed. lol thats really cool. Who knew something me and my friend use to make ladders and walls out of could be so very useful!!
+Richmond Low Didn't you know that we all have these huge expansive rooms that we display our home theater equipment in. It's right next to the huge five-star restaurant kitchen we all have.
Hell to the no! Lousy back and neck support and no room to stretch your legs. Where do I put my martini glass?
oh... +Kareem Munroe , I didn't know that. :p

In what might be called my kitchen, I use a single pot to cook a variety of dishes. Curry Maggi Mee, shrimp maggi mee, tom yam maggi mee, and asam laksa maggi mee. If I'm feeling for upmarket, I'll go for Shin Ramyun.
you put your feet on the shoulders of the people in front of you. duh.
OK for kids, but anyone over 20 would not be comfortable.
Love this! What a simple solution. Thanks for sharing.
that looks so pretty!I didn't even realize they were shipping pallets
Asian seat is really comfortable I would love it!
We did this when we were students. We couldn't afford a sofa and chairs so we put 2 pallets together with hinges to make a great recliner and then put them all together to make beds when people stayed over. Same as a futon really but at a fraction of the cost.
Also a great way to discourage conversation with all your friends... Not my style, thank you. The most fun out of watching TV is commenting, and for that, I'd rather see my friends' faces.

The seats seem very comfortable for long talks, that's for sure
back in the day we used cinder blocks and a 4'x8' piece of 3/4" plywood to raise the back couch to make stadium seating at my house.
What a fun idea for grandparents with a bunch of grandkids - for movie night or even just reading together. :)
that is such a good idea. now i know what to do with my shipping pallets
Why is there beds lined up on top of each other? That's not a theater, plus that cost like $100,000,000,000.
I'm getting one for my upcoming Kamasutra Party
Reminds me of college. All of us piled on a bed massages and talking about nothing.
Is this for the new for Layodaseeya? It can get taller and taller and more taller. Hmmmm! What about bouncy springs.....I can go to a church like that dontchya know! Cum bike to the church and layO2cya

Church could be in a gym, that turns into an athletic center, skate rink, volleyball, and want not. Just because we LayandCya doesn't mean we are lazy lofters.
Still would be fun to have a house in a condo like this! My own skate rink...could paint the pallets different colors. However, I love a good bed, a real good bed, but that could be the public living room. My real bedroom could be more private.
Its cool but I'm gonna be thinking througt out the movie what I'm gonna do with my legs hence I Won't enjoy the movie because I Won't be able to relax but I like the design good for friends and family
Where can i find the previous construction ideas? Post says there were some ideas posted before.
Scott L
Cool. Now, how do I make a lot of friends? and how do I get them all to agree on the movie?
Ew! EZ, get your butts harvested...carefool, it is Internationally acclaimed. Simple farm equipment gone viral!
Other than the people in the second and third row having to sit with their legs crossed, this is a very awesome idea.
You get to lay the hell down James! Wait for the dirty jokes...where are the privacy shields &/or blankets! Sleeping until "The Lord Comes"! Evil keeps you singed up anyway...that is what the hell is the matter with Mormonism or is it Moranism, Romney!
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They'll make you bike all over town and advertise shit about you while listening to all your pity complaints. So, business and mattresses nor couches like that really mix!

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the folks at Ikea are drawing up the marketing plans as we speaking. Assembly required.
great for collecting dust
dust mites too.(cat fur also)
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