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Haven't heard back from that job interview yet?
You just interviewed for a job and you haven't heard anything. Sometimes this is a sign of bad news, and sometimes it isn't. You want to follow up and find out what's going on, but you don't want to...
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Rob Go
The only time they really, really, really, REALLY, REALLY want to hire you badly is the scenario where having to follow up doesn't even apply.
Rob Go
^ Whoa... somehow I wandered into crazyland. (Yeah, up there.)
Dear Mr. King, just so you know, you do in fact come off as a crazy person. If you tried to have a bit of decorum, we may try reading your ideas. Instead, I'm going to make sure that I never buy your new book, whatever it's called. You're a douche, and I hope you fail. Also, you probably don't have a job because you think you're a writer, so you're not even trying.
K I barely read 2 paragraphs but this is obviously for white collar workers.
I present myself to a company ready to work with my references.
I come back the next day half hour before work starts ready to work.
3 strikes go somewhere else.
The only time I get 3 strikes is when I send only my cv. it gets added to the pile just like your emails.
Matt C
At some point growing up, a lot of us were taught to harass the shit out of our potential employers to show we were really interested. This is definitely annoying. As far as thank you notes go, I'd probably send in a polite thank you email the day after the interview, and then follow up once or twice later by phone or email.
Yes. and don't forget the people around the interviewer if they like you they will mention you again.
Rob Go
I just heard that sending a basket of smoked fish is the latest and greatest way to annoy say you're still interested.
+Rob Go I think, it will work better if you send them the chopped off head of some animal (the bigger - the better). Have seen it in the movies and there was always feedback.
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