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One of the best ways to sell your stuff to people in your community may be right under your nose. It's called Facebook, and even if you've given it up in favor of Google+, why not use it to make a little money? Here's what we mean:
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I have a lot of stuff cluttering my house, but it's way too old (specially bothersome when it comes to computer parts) so nobody wants them ... :(
+Mauri Kassick Don't let the idea that "nobody wants them" stop you from doing something about your clutter, especially the electronics parts.
You might be able to find an organization in your area that refurbishes electronics to provide computers to people who otherwise wouldn't have them.  They might be happy for your old CD Roms and power supplies and even old boards and RAM. At the very least, you can find an electronics recycler who will reclaim the metals from your equipment and dispose of the remains in an environmentally responsible manner. 
In short, J00 KAN D00 EET!! :D
+Mauri Kassick your old parts are worth more than you know. Gold, silver, copper, palladium, and other rare earth metals are abundant in electronics. 
Hmm, those are good ideas +Clint Udy, +Rick Berry, I'll look into them. Old computer parts are tough even to refurbish (who would want a 16MB RAM in days of 4-6GB DDR5 chips? Or a CRT?), but I am looking into people willing to take the parts apart ... let's hope something good pops up! And environmentally-friendly too!

Thanks for the advice!
Not a bad idea, after all there are still more people lurking around facebook that can stumble upon what you are selling. It's all about Sales!.
my gf is a member of a few local BST groups on FB and has probably sold well over $500 worth of things around the house we no longer use.
I have had better luck on websites specifially for selling and buying.
But I was able to find somebody to donate some books that I didn't need.  As for computer parts, the most of them were given away to friends of my childrern and neighbors.
Seattle has an active "freecycle" group on Yahoo!. I've used it on several occasions and has worked like a charm. 
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