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"There are 2 universal truths about promotions: first, the less your boss worries about you, the more he or she values you..."
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Bloody true those two truths as a partner in an accounting firm.

The lower level people are more likely to be laid off as we can replace them more easily and the better ones we can charge out at more...
Great article. Not just for the "seasoned" professional but also for those just starting out. Thanks!
Great read. As for earlier comments on who gets laid off first - depends on the industry. Nonprofits may lay off more seasoned people when funding gets cut to hire less experienced (aka cheaper) folks. But in the corporate world... the most difficult thing I've had to do was lay off an assistant.
in my experience, the first person laid-off is whichever the manager owes the most payroll to. If a reason to 'fire' (not lay-off) can be manufactured then it can easily take an employee 10 weeks to 6 months to collect that final sum. - so that can be thousands in "free money" to a desperate middle-management retard. Loaned at 0% interest!
Pretty easy ... Pick an employee, don't pay them for 2-3 months, tell them they will be fired if they complain... Then order them to work a desk in the office, and also order them make an in-person field-call, simultaneously. Fire them for disobeying a direct order. (one or the other!)

Now you do you really owe them any back-pay? who will the system defend? an angry disgruntled ex-employee? or the capitalist owner that creates jobs in the community, and drives 'the economy'?
I far prefer the logic of keeping the most valuable, productive employees. :)

Works better long-term!
It's about value! It matters little how much money a person makes, what matters is the value they provide. Period. A leader that lays off based only on salary is a bad leader that will continue to pay for that mistake every day in lost value....I'd go so far as to say that that leader is living on borrowed time himself/herself.
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