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Netflix's DVD-only subscription plan is back, letting you rent DVDs for $7.99 a month--no streaming plan required:
Netflix has reinstated their DVD-only rental plan, in response to outcry when they combined it with their streaming plan. After raising prices and splitting them into two separate services, then reco...
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booooooooooooooooooooo bring back included streaming
+Humberto Gauna It was much too cheap to begin with. We were lucky to have such a deal for so long.
Yes we were, and we were spoiled. Maybe when I am back in the US I will renew. None for now
Netflix should reap the whirlwind for "using and promoting open source" but not providing GNU/Linux clients access. As a technologist, I suggest that anybody that is serious about technology boycott netflix for their treatment of the universal operating system which is GNU/Linux on the desktop computer. Put another way - if you use Netflix - you are promoting the restriction and punishment of millions of technologists from all over the planet that build so many things around you (in terms of open source and GNU/Linux). Choose something that's cross-platform-compatible, like Adobe's flash ( example: Amazon Prime and Online Video ) - that's my recommendation.
I still pay for both even after the hike. I use both enough to where it makes sense to me.
I thought they always offered it alone if you wanted it. I cancelled both when I realized that I didn't use either enough anymore
Netflix is run by directionless idiots, apparently. When they finally get some sense back into their heads and offer a discounted plan for both services (DVD and streaming), I'll sign back up. Meanwhile, it's streaming-only for me.
awwww their trying to diversify now that their going to have competition, maybe we will get better streaming titles as a result :)
I am still hurting from when +Netflix was charging me for two accounts for three years although one account was never used.

Till this day I have not gotten a response from the company. Although they did tell me to send a letter .. which given how they wanted to stay away from regular mail I find it very selfish of them.

Lesson Learned make sure you don't give away Netflix subscriptions as a gift.
Yeah I get far too much from my DVR and online to justify paying for netflix again. I DID become very unhappy with their selection or lack of, and with most networks now online, no thanks
I canceled my account about an hour after they announced the price hike and separation of the streaming and DVD rentals. A word to the wise if you want people to pay for movies and music, make it cheap, otherwise there are thousands of alternative ways to get it without paying a dime.
And +Brian Anderson , it's not really unlimited with only one at a time. The postal service only moves so fast, if you are talking about the DVD delivery portion
+Brian Anderson, it was more of a booo for NETFLIX, not the plan. They reduced the price. Maybe because enough people, like me, cancelled. Why not get rid of disks as a whole? Oh ya, because the bandwidth limitations that Internet Service Providers want to impose.
No Price difference. So no change for me. I used to be a DVD+Streaming customer until they doubled what I paid for 2 dvd's out at a time + Bluray. Still pay for streaming though.
Yeah I used to have DVD+Streaming and I paid for the Blu-ray option and like I said canceled it immediately. It's general principle, a 60% hike is unacceptable. We're not talking about adding a few extra cents on or even a dollar, its the equivalent of your cable company charging you $400 or more a month to watch tv. Think about that for a second, it would not be acceptable then so why should it be acceptable now. If everyone had canceled their accounts and Nextflix felt some pain, they would have reversed their little price hike, instead like sheep everyone just lined up and took it. If you're so willing to throw money at someone, give me ten bucks let me kick you in the nuts and we'll call it even.
How is this new? I've had the DVD only service since I signed up mid-year last year. And when they changed the prices, I upped my DVDs to 2 out at a time. I only pay $12.95/mo...
Netflix can keep their DVDs.
I am NOT putting any more of their filthy "drink coasters" into my equipment. The last straw (why I cancelled) happened last fall, when we received SIX DVDs in a row, covered with food, goo, and who knows what, smeared all over them, all which were unplayable, even after cleaned. We even had four replacement DVDs that appeared cleaned, that would not play. Netflix tech support was NO help either, one rep went so far as to blaming me for having a cheap DVD player. We have three different DVD players, a NEW Panasonic Blu-Ray, a NEW Samsung, and a Hitachi which is 18 months old. After getting ONE playable disk in THREE months, I had enough. We can go to RedBox, and get NEWER movies for only $1.
Yeah, Netflix can keep their crap Frisbees ...
Meh, Netflix DVDs were starting to suck anyway. Often you would get some crappy 4:3 version that was burned for Netflix to be crappy so it wouldn't compete with retail.
Actually I do pay close to $250 a month for my fios service. And as I stated, general principle. And as far as getting gouged by other services, i pick my battles but i normally don't allow anyone to rip me off too much. I look for alternatives anywhere I can find them and free will always be better than anything that overcharges you for something that was barely worth the price it was when I started using it.
I make up the price by using every bit of bandwidth I can suck out of them. I frequently max my download and upload daily. And I make my money back in other ways by not paying for much else.
Cheaper than Comcast, I think not. I'm sure if you only want basic channels and slow internet you can get it for under $100 a month but if I wanted that I'd still be using a 2600 baud modem and rabbit ears.
I would start a thread about why I'm paying $250 a month for FIOS!
As I stated before, its not the money. It's the principle. I may be paying over $200 a month for my tv + internet but it wasn't a sudden price hike it was a gradual climb like gas, which is more palatable you see.
Jenny A
+Brian Anderson , you're getting ripped off too. I paid that much for at least 50mb if not 100mb fiber optic internet in Japan.
LOL yes well here in the US we are a very large country with lots of old infrastructure in place and a lot of corporate greed and bureaucracy to boot. We weren't fortunate enough to have our country slammed with a big bomb forcing us to have to rebuild everything and make our country into a technological wonderland.
I'd rather have them put their entire dvd catalog online so that i can stream it rather than rent.
Yeah the MPAA is never going to allow that to happen.
Yeah, you're right about that. It would be nice though.
Lol @ pirating. Entitlement indeed.
Of course we could all hope that the RIAA and MPAA die in a horrible fashion befitting a greedy corporation with no moral sense and we ditch the much antiquated copyright and patent laws that are stifling innovation and creativity.
why is this being posted on Lifehacker?
I'm just saying we could all hope.
I love how much people whine about a minor price change on pretty much the cheapest legal way to watch TV and movies currently available in the US.

Find me a cable TV service that costs you only $8 a month. No? Then shutup.
^rofl, this.

/end of thread
Don't get me wrong, it's not about the price. But with digital distribution taking over, if you have a netflix account and there's a certain movie that you want to stream you should be able to do it.
You need to understand something, the MPAA doesn't want you downloading movies digitally. They hate the Internet and everything about it. They spend their time creating lousy DRM not to protect their content because we all know it doesn't but rather annoy the shit out of you, hoping you will instead of using it go out and buy a DVD or blu-ray which they make money on. They have no interest in technology or the progression there of, unless of course it makes them more money. And for them this Digital thing is scary because it takes control away from them, and worse it prevents them from charging you over and over again for the same crap.
I will never rent a DVD again now that they have removed special features from many of them. I will stream and download... buying the few DVDs I love for the extra content.
McDonalds in Chinatown, NY offer delivery by bike messengers lol. You can even text your order to them
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