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How about a photo album of the Googleplex to start your week?

California Home+Design visited our Mountain View headquarters and offers a look at our conference rooms, office space and microkitchens. Our Director of Global Design, Chris Coleman emphasizes the importance of gathering employee input to "create a stylish environment that encourages ultimate productivity."

(via +Google)
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You know, whenever I am not actively looking at pictures of the Googleplex, I automatically imagine it as a huge geodesic dome.  Then I see a picture and I stop, then a few minutes later the original image is back.

So, basically, what I'm saying is you should build a big geodesic dome around the Googleplex.  It would really help me out if you would.
its awesome! so many artistic elements went into this! amazing! 
Had a friend that worked their, they serve beer on fridays!
Cu Lu
oh so cute .. love to work there!!!
In the image of the seating near the microkitchens, you can see a Googler face down on the table at a booth in the background lol
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