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We think your resume should be as awesome as you are.  Introducing AutoAwesome for Resumes!  

[Edit2: We've archived the video without contact information at the short link below (the video preview goes to the deleted version - please enjoy solely for Nick's smiling face). Thanks for commenting and sharing - Happy April Fool's!]
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So where I can see Google resume? Google Chrome can't find it. So if I use Google resume, can I apply job to Google? I know it is not possible to work at Google. Just dreaming
but still thinking that how can I get job in Google India as I am having a SEO background
Amazing guys!  AutoAwesoming my resume resume as I, such quality, much appreciated.  
Google just autoawesomed pokémons, now it's autoawesoming CVs! A-wesome!

PS: Favourite word of the day: Automagicly! 1:33
Thank You Google!!! Always Thinking About Me!!!!! :-) 
spirit animal, that's awesome in  itself :)
My old job sucked huge hairy donkey balls....

Thanks to Google Resume AutoAwesome I landed a job that let's me do nothing but eat and have sex, but still have the body of a fucking Spartan...

Thanks Google! 
I wish the last part, where it matches with Google jobs was real. 
What about AutoCompletion jobs at mountain view :p  still open :p ?
+Life at Google it's that time of the year again, isn't it? I think nick's failed attempt at suppressing a smile towards the end of the video gave it away. :-) 
Perfect time for me to update my resume.
Got to learn to ski to make my resume pop. :). Awesome!
Et meget lækkert værktøj til optimering Google + profil billider! Endnu et awesome Google produkt.
I'd like to have it a try... Where's that button?
Definitely now going to make a pokemon style resume and apply for the all the Google jobs. Does catching all 150 of the original pokemon count as credit towards job applications. 
I will make one and apply for google!
 :( I can't find the icons to AutoAwesome my resume! Does anyone know where they are?
+Andrew Cheng - I can't find the icons either.  It looks like he's in Drive, but it doesn't look anything like my Drive.  I'm using Chrome on Windows.  Any ideas out there?
Rob Bos
dftba indeed.
How does Google always know what I want before I do?! I'm waiting for the day when I try to order delivery on my computer or mobile device, and Google "automagically" shows me a video of me eating whatever it is I really wanted then telling me I'm not hungry anymore.
You got me +Life at Google!. I was up until midnight trying to figure out why the auto awesome features (eg. magic hand ) weren't showing up in my Google drive. That was a good one.
I am quite unable to make it.
My day was terrible until I watched this. Now I'll go to sleep happy.
was amazing, he had had a terrible night but I rejoiced the moment thanks
Well Nick, my name ends in "ski", and I was born in December. And I think that it would be totally auto-awesome if it snowed on my resume -- not a glitch in my case at all. I heart Google.
awesome info. Thank you for sharing.
I think there should be feature of putting different creative icon on resume.
+Alex Senyo  Yep, it would be cool.  Even when Google makes a joke they come up with good ideas.  Ok, that sounded like total brown nosing.  But it's not.
that pokemon resume though....
I guess it is a prank! Google's way of celebrating fools day.
Ju Maku
please make the pokemon challenge longer i lost my phone yesterday and couldn't catch any pokemon 
Mylz T.
Is it redundant to say awesome? Love the idea of a Hello Kitty in different awesome-ness feature! 😄
I like baseball and list it as an interest on my professional CV. Can I get an auto-awesome that hums "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" when somebody opens it? Thanks, Google!
Hey I would love to work with Google. I have submitted my CV too for a numerous positions around the world. 
I swear that there is probably a Google employee somewhere that came up with this but was serious and everyone else took it as a joke.
Hi Benjamin,

Do you work in Google. Is there any chance I could work with Google in

I am an MBA Graduate with over 4 years of experience in Finance field. I
would really appreciate if you could let me know if I could apply for some
position within Google.

I am willing to relocate for the job.

Thanks & regards,

Megha Cyriac
Everything is awesome! cue the Lego movie theme song
I really can't wait till i work for Google it'll be an exciting year for me. 
can we talk about how this feature would be so awsom to have lol if it were real
If it will get me a job at google I'll do it. :)
Hello, I would like to know how to contact the hiring managers for Fiber and Geo.
I applied a week ago for two GIS Specialist positions within those two Google sections in Mountain View but I didn't receive any answer yet!
Tryed to call the only phone number avaiable for Mountain View but (sure) was not usefull.
Please send me an PM!
Thank you
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