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The Making of Google Pride 2013

From Silicon Valley LGBTQ mixers to Hangouts with Google Executives, planning a successful Google Pride is about more than coordinating the colors of the rainbow.

Gayglers from all departments of Google formed sub-committees to discuss budget, plan events, order schwag and advertise Pride while keeping an eye on the prize: ensuring the messages of diversity, inclusion and pride are central themes throughout it all.

A steering committee was formed. Prominent LGBT leaders were secured to facilitate the Pride@Google speaker series. Fundraising happy hours at LGBTQ-friendly establishments were organized. A budget was drawn up. A global logo design contest was initiated on Google+. Over 1,000 t-shirts were made with the chosen logo. Google offices from around the US collaborated and brainstormed. Partnerships were created. A global gPride internal site was developed. And above all, lots and lots of meetings were had and ideas were shared.

The culmination of the meetings, planning and coordination will be the successful execution of Google’s 8th annual Pride Parade contingent, on June 30th for San Francisco, Chicago, New York City, and Dublin. Last year, over 600 Googlers marched in San Francisco’s parade; this year, the goal is 1,000+. 

If you’re planning on attending, bring a friend, wear your favorite LGBTQ inspired attire and get excited for the Google Stride of Pride...27 days and counting!

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I'm really happy Google is so supportive! I hope I get the opportunity to work for you guys one day.
+Normunds Rudzinskis I can see where you're coming from, but these people, thanks to these events, can find people who they can relate to on a deeper level. I think it's a very positive thing.
+Life at Google
All along I thought that they were just people like us all... Strange thinking, very strange. So in essence, the "employee resource group" is a discriminating entity, ins't it?  This is like getting rid of discrimination to create more discrimination.  Google!!! Think UNITY!
Segregating one group versus another doesn't work, and hasn't work in the past. The need for more intellect over ideology is sorely missing.
+Jacques Dupuis I doubt they're really separated except for events like this, and they're not forced to join in on them. I think it'd a good way to meet people in similar situations.
I hear what you're saying. They can meet all they want after work. For the future, it is in the interest of Google to stay out of any and all correct politicking. The two words are Neutrality and Tolerance.
What awesome news.  Great hearing that Google is actually supporting the LGBT.
Just a thought, but wouldn't Humble Parades be better? That's a bit ironic though, so what about just promoting humility in society? I don't mean to be rude Google, but you have done great things in helping some of the the poorest people of the world, wouldn't it be great if you promoted people being more selfless in their daily lives? Imagine what the world could do if we stopped telling ourselves that we deserve so much freedom and liberty while we forget about those who have less than us. 
Derek, that would be too easy.  Each life issue has its own set of "Air / Media Time".  Gay life has been a hot topic for a while now and is a sensitive subject.  Since that is considered to be HOT news, and the fact that lots of Gay people make up our society, (people just didn't realize that before) - they have to put their claim in on the issue to let the world know they are making a difference.  Google has and I'm sure will continue to make contributions to our fellow American's both wealthy and poor.  I think they do a pretty good job and checks and balances - in my opinion...
Can anyone attend this, even if not working for Google?
+Connor Shea
It is not a matter of been forced or not Connor. Looking at the "big picture" it is still what it is: segregating, discriminating and above all dividing. Next, what will it be? A new Affirmative Action?  :-)
Jacques Dupuis, Connor Shea, - One day, one step at a time.  Progress is being made...
I'm not sure what I jumped into with the conversation between Jacques and Connor.  It seemed like something a bit heated, so tried to bring in some calm.  Ill just step back.  Don't want to be in the path of anyones problems... although, I am a trauma counselor if anyone needs to talk later :)
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