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Did you know that our Seattle/Kirkland office is growing? Here's a look inside our Pacific Northwest location.
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Sigh, I wish I had a skill set that would get me into Google...alas CAD design engineer/Artist isn't it. Love the work environment. Everyone looks really happy.
"Om Nom Nom" cafe...nice. Beautiful location and building too!
#KayakCafe in the Fremont office is one of my favorites!
How about some photos of the Fremont office? IMHO, that's a cooler neighborhood!
Oh, how I wish my dream comes true... (obviously, that's working for Google)
Love it! All the Google offices are so unique...
+Patrick Dugan Thanks for the clarification! Only one of the pictures had a view outside, and I was wondering why it didn't look like Kirkland! What threw me off was all the labels said Seattle-Kirkland, so I assumed all the photos were from the Kirkland office!
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