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Using Divination to Create Positive Life Changes
Using Divination to Create Positive Life Changes


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Daily Divination: The Akashic Library

When The Akashic Library turns up, you may be entering a time of initiation, and you’re learning to manifest a new life for yourself.

Keeping with the library aspect of the card, this learning may come in the form of an actual book; this knowing could also be the result of a realization you have while writing about your own personal experiences (journaling). Whatever the specifics, The Akashic Library offers that you’re moving toward a higher self-awareness.

The Akashic Library is also a card of heightened intuition, and can be encouraging you to work with yours more deeply. You might want to consider learning how to consult your own Records, or explore the art of automatic writing (again keeping with the theme of the card).

You could also practice the art of bibliomancy: Open any book that you feel led to, and allow your eyes to fall to a passage and read those words. Reflect on what you’ve read throughout the day, determining which life situation was being addressed.

The Akashic Force wants you to know It’s active in your life; one of Its ways is through the books around you at the moment—for they are becoming a part of your Akashic Library.

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Earlier in the week, I posted a Marriage Spread I did with the Shakespeare Romeo & Juliet Playing Cards asking about my relationship with the deck.

I just got my copy of the Ellusionist Playing Cards and thought I’d do the same as I did with R & J, and it’s so interesting to see how different decks respond to the same question…

In the spread, there’s a mix of Hearts and Spades, suggesting emotional ups and downs, but all that gets worked out (Clubs at the end).

Things get off to a disappointing start (9 of Spades), which comes as a surprise (7 of Hearts). A second chance to improve the relationship is put into play (7 of Hearts), which could result in a change in outlook (Jack of Diamonds wearing shades).

The bottom row shows mutual admiration between me and the deck (8 of Hearts), but we’ll keep things (8 of Spades being limitation) friendly in the end (King of Clubs being a friend or friendly man).

The numerical theme of the spread is 2 (9 + 7 + 11 + 8 + 8 + 13 = 56; 5 + 6 = 11; 1 + 1 = 2), which fits with the question, as 2 is a number associated with relationships and partnerships. As the underlying influence, the real question within my question was about the compatibility of our relationship (which I think the cards did indeed address).

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Daily Divination: 3 of Scrolls

When the 3 of Scrolls turns up, it’s a great time to explore your options and broaden your horizons in either your personal or professional life (or both).

The 3 of Scrolls can suggest that what you’ve been waiting for is coming into your life (think of it like “your ship coming in”). Whether it’s literal or figurative, now’s the time to “get your bags packed” because you’re “going places.” Are you ready?

With this card, you’re being encouraged not to limit yourself to just one direction; your opportunities are greater than what you might be able to see in the moment. Just like the explorer on the card, you’re being reminded to widen your scope (allowing you to see more).

Because of the journey aspect of the card, the 3 of Scrolls could also suggest that it’s just a matter of time in which you see the results of your efforts, as I’m seeing the expression “timing is everything” in my mind as I write this.

Regardless of the situation, though, the 3 of Scrolls is a card that suggests the prospects for the future look very promising (did you notice the rainbow on the card?).

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Daily Divination: 2 of Ariel

When 2 of Ariel turns up, it can mean that you’ve got a lot going on, that you’re juggling a lot.

If that’s the case, then 2 of Ariel is a message to you about finding the balance. The suit of Ariel is about resources, so it could be suggesting for you to find the resources that will allow you to have more balance in your life.

2 of Ariel can also suggest that this is a time of change, fluctuation, and a shift in priorities. Things that you thought were important in the past may not be so much so now, and things you didn’t give any value to before are now becoming more important, and you want your life to reflect that shift.

2 of Ariel is a card of financial transactions, of money changing hands and being circulated. This can suggest a need to make a budget or spending plan, so you can see what comes in and goes out more clearly. 2 of Ariel can also come up to reflect dual incomes or having a couple of revenue streams.

2 of Ariel can suggest that it’s time to work on your purpose (spiritual work and career) as you work a “day job,” so you can build that spiritual work up. If you’re already doing this, then you might be receiving clear guidance on the steps to take and the resources you’ll need to start the process of transitioning into your spiritual work full-time.

And part of that will be to make that work a priority and see it as a valuable service to your world. It’s serving a purpose, after all.

#tarot #angels #archangels #handstand #gymnast #gymnastics #mountains #sky #clouds #crystal #yinyang #spirit #spirituality #money #abundance #work #divination #dailydivination
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Daily Divination: The Queen of Scrolls

When the Queen of Scrolls turns up, her message is that important information and inspiration is coming your way.

The Queen of Scrolls can point to an actual person; if that’s the case, her appearance in your life is to assist you in moving to a new level of wisdom and understanding of yourself and your world. She may be a teacher, or someone you meet through a social situation and befriend.

She could also be a professional person, as the Queen of Scrolls can indicate a working or business woman. With that in mind, she may be someone you collaborate with on a particular project.

Since a scroll has writing on it, this collaborative effort might have to do with writing, communications, or publishing. Other possibilities would include counseling, teaching, consulting, and marketing.

If the Queen of Scrolls doesn’t represent an actual person, then she’s the part of you that’s expressing a readiness to learn and to deepen your understanding of yourself and your world.

When the Queen of Scrolls turns up, it’s a perfect time for personal growth and development work and expansive learning. She’s encouraging you to step through the door of knowledge—and receive.

#tarot #akasha #akashicrecords #scroll #writing #communication #counselor #teacher #consulting #marketing #business #work #knowledge #veil #light #chakra #thirdeye #mandala #divination #dailydivination
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You may have noticed that I haven't shared any "Oracle Outlook" postings lately. If you've wondered what happened, I'm sharing the details in my latest blog post...

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A Time to (Re-) Assess
A Time to (Re-) Assess
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Daily Divination: The Chariot

The Chariot acknowledges progression, advancement, and moving forward. It’s like getting the “green light” to move along on the path that you’re on.

The Chariot can also suggest that life is taking you in a new direction. If you’re feeling led to travel down a new path, The Chariot is encouraging you to seek guidance about this new direction. This guidance may come from going within and checking your inner GPS (symbolized by the illumination coming from the Charioteer’s crown chakra), as this card is numbered 7, the number of spirituality, self-awareness, and insight.

If you’re feeling pulled in two different directions (symbolized by the horses, one being black and the other being white), The Chariot is asking you to consider the middle of the two extremes. The black horse having a white spot on its third eye and the white horse having a black spot on its third eye reminds me of the yin and the yang, and how there’s a small aspect of one within the larger context of the other. So, the path might not necessarily be “either-or”—but instead “and” or “both.”

And, of course, being an angel card reader, the wings on the card symbolize traveling with the Angels. If you’re into Angels, The Chariot reminds you that the Angels are your constant companions, and that when you move down different roads in life, different angels come along for the ride.

For instance, the angel associated with this card is Archangel Metatron. The chariot symbolizes the Merkaba, which translates to the “chariot of God.” It’s also known as “Metatron’s Cube,” a symbol in sacred geometry. If this resonates with you in any way, The Chariot may be leading you down the path of working with Archangel Metatron through sacred geometry.

No matter what road you decide to take, whether the road is well-traveled or off the beaten path, The Chariot wants you to remember this: Life is about both the journey and the destination.

#tarot #angel #archangelmetatron #metatronscube #merkaba #sacredgeometry #horse #yin #yang #chariot #sword #crab #cancer #astrology #sun #wings #thelematarot #divination #dailydivination
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I found myself in a mood to buy some playing card decks, and the first of those purchases has arrived: the Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet deck.

Keeping with the theme of the deck, I decided to break it in with a Marriage Spread, asking about my relationship with the deck.

Well, the deck really loved the idea: Both the 4 of Hearts and the 10 of Hearts—cards that talk about marriage (the 4 of Hearts is actually known as “the marriage bed”)—bookend the reading, which is a positively encouraging sign indeed.

Also, the 5 of Clubs is a card of physical activity, saying that the deck wants to be handled. And the 2 of Diamonds suggests that the energy put into the relationship will be rewarding and successful.

And what about those Kings? I look at the King of Hearts (Romeo) as the deck itself (and he’s looking at the 4 of Hearts, signifying a “marriage” partner), and the King of Spades as myself (he can indicate a man with dark hair, eyes, and complexion—and let’s not overlook that beard)—and two Kings can also signify a partnership.

Could this be a case of love at first sight?

#playingcards #cartomancer #shakespeare #romeoandjuliet #romeo #love #marriage #hands #heart #marriagespread #cartomancy #divination #jameshimm
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Daily Divination: 7 of Wands

The 7 of Wands is considered a card of challenge, typically having an image of a person standing on a hilltop in a defensive position, keeping his or her opposition at bay.

This card can suggest facing adversities that seem like an uphill battle—but it’s also a card of overcoming those adversities. The 7 of Wands says you’re a cut above the rest, that you’re playing on a higher level than those around you, and that you have what it takes to come out on top.

The 7 of Wands is also a card of self-employment. A person is playing at the top of his or her game, and overseeing lots of projects (irons in the fire). Also a card of being both the teacher and the student, this card is asking those with an entrepreneurial flair what you still need to learn, because you might be facing a steep learning curve—but remember—you’re up for the challenge!

When it comes to making lifestyle choices, some cases may involve calling it quits and throwing in the towel. But hold on a minute! The 7 of Wands asks you to reconsider that option. There’s a saying that many people quit just before “striking gold.” You may be just at the point of discovering that very thing you need to succeed!

With regard to relationships, the 7 of Wands encourages you to stand up for yourself, to positively assert yourself. Keep in mind that if this is a new way of being for you (Wands being about your image and how people identify with you), you might be met with some resistance. People may be intimidated by this new you, but don’t back down!

Choosing you—and saying “yes” to you—also allows you to learn the fine art of saying “no” to others—all with love.

#tarot #mucha #alphonsemucha #art #artnouveau #newart #wand #energy #sky #clouds #hilltop #nature #tarotmucha #divination #dailydivination
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Daily Divination: The High Priestess

When The High Priestess appears, she’s asking you to trust your intuition.

This is a day to listen to the still, small voice that speaks from within (intuition). It’s a day of inner guidance and wisdom, a time for self-reflection. That still, small voice can best be heard when you can create the “quiet time” needed so you can be receptive and listen.

The High Priestess can also be an indication that a “wait and see” approach needs to be adopted. So, for example, if decisions need to be made, The High Priestess suggests waiting for further information. You don’t have all the information needed to make a well-informed decision.

And speaking of information, this is a card of news and messages. This can be news or information of a “sensitive” nature, information that’s on a “need to know” basis, or that requires some level of confidentiality (symbolized by the scroll being rolled up).

On the other hand, The High Priestess can suggest you may have the information that should be held on to, and to be selective as to whom you share it with. Don’t give out unsolicited advice—let people come and actually ask for the information or knowledge you possess, which is a clearer signal to share what you know.

Take this thought under consideration: Just because you know something doesn’t mean everyone you know needs to know it. Not all information is meant for public consumption.

And finally, The High Priestess can represent the deeper study of the metaphysical. If you’re a student of the intuitive arts (astrology, numerology, palmistry, dreams, Tarot), how might you be able to deepen your studies today?

Let your intuition point the way.

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