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Liesl Barrell
Misanthropic Socialite & Extroverted Expat
Misanthropic Socialite & Extroverted Expat

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Hey... Google+ changed its UI!

That's really... Meh, who am I kidding? Back to the Facebook tab!

Wow... I haven't posted on Google+ since September.

Post posty-postery post!

Ohai Google+
Today I thought I'd share a little something with you...
Who am I kidding, where's my Facebook tab?

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Any senior PHP devs in Montreal are looking for a full time position? Zend Framework experience is highly desired. Send me a private message.

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In my grand tradition of only posting things about Google+ on G+... Herewith more plus stuff.

This kid knows how to work a piece of cardboard!

From the "First World Problems" kid.

Actually, just follow him here +Zach Katz

Ohai Google+

Haven't posted here for a while, guess I'll... Who am I kidding, back to the Facebook tab!

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Oh The Oatmeal: I like how Google+ circles roll off the page when you delete them... And I totally also posted this link over on stinky potatoes Facebook, so I'm no better than Jim.

Today Google+ officially joins the ranks of platforms I feel vaguely guilty for not using enough due to this whole pesky "living" thing I gotta do IRL.

It's in good company, along with my Wordpress blog, Twitter and various outdated web properties.

Oh internet, you're such a demanding mistress! I spend most of my waking adult life on you, and yet somehow I still come up short.

I hate you, "Enable Chat" pop-in! Why do you keep loading over my feed? Sod off!

I have this mischievous impulse to create 9 circles based on those in Dante's Inferno and segment people according to my perception of their vices. Then broadcast based on them (foodie posts for the gluttons in 3, sexy posts for the pervs in 2, poison tips for my man Socrates in 1)

May you all be schlooped into Circle 8 as panderers, seducers and flatterers ;)
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