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Spanish maker project that turns an Android smartphone into a drone for photo or video capture (or other potential uses), operated by another smartphone.
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Lidia Hocke

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Some fun before THE fun.
Google I/O 2014

We just launched the Google I/O 2014 website at Play with the experiment, get a preview of this year’s conference, and find out more details about registration.

More in our blog post:
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Ok dzięki.
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Lidia Hocke

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Go GDG Kraków!
2014 goals for GDG Kraków are quite simple: continue and evolve :). We already made three GDG events, and two of them are parts of our series started last year - Google Analytics and Android Tech Talks. Of course it's just a beginning :). 

Apart of our standard events, in this year we will do some a little bit special things - in next months Kraków will be hosting summit of GDG organizers from Eastern Europe, in autumn we'll organize DevFest PL, and traditionally we'll close the year with KrakDroid conference - but this time we would like to make it as a part of Droidcon conference series. During this year we want to make programming workshops for girls and boys, because we think "hackers are born in childhood".

In all we'll do in 2014 we want to focus our efforts on building possibly strong community, centered around ideas of sharing and support. We plan to help start new GDG chapters in Poland and we'll cooperate with Eastern European chapters to effectively grow together.

We hope to see you all soon!

#gdg   #2014  #gdgkrakow     #gdgpl     #gdgpoland   

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As there's a bit of buzz now about TestFlight being acquired by Apple and Android support discontinued, I am starting to hear good things about +TestFairy Looks promising indeed.  Well at least that cute robotic critter (or a foxy-ish lobster??) from the promo video surely convinces me to try:)

#androiddevelopment   #androidtesting   #testfairy  
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Lidia Hocke

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Find a geek near you.
An online map that marks and records public Internet-Of-Things projects around the world.
More Here:
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I keep on forgetting my Guangdong :/ Well, at least it works wonders as an impulse spending protection.

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Have fun! We're over in if you have any questions.
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This weekend I have been reading Learning Dart ( by +Dzenan Ridjanovic and +Ivo Balbaert Really great companion for getting your head around Dart! I'll be posting a more detailed review soon. Oh, also Dzenan does cool videos that accompany the book, check

#dartlang   #learningdart  #ilovedart
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diversity == win
Google for Entrepreneurs is partnering with 40 startup communities to rethink the gender gap. Throughout the month of March, we'll be talking about the current state of entrepreneurship, the work our partners are doing in this space, and creative ways to rethink the gender gap. +1 if you’re with us and follow #40Forward here on G+ and on Twitter.  *Let's move #40Forward ! *
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