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Our team along with Licel founders Mikhail Dudarev and Ivan Kinash will be talking about Java Bytecode protection with use of the InvokeDynamic Instruction at the greatest Java conference - JavaOne 2015 San Francisco this October.
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We are pleased to announce the release of DexProtector 5.0.9. Finally, developers that use Cordova/PhoneGap frameworks have the solution to protect their code.
It is known that one of the biggest problems for Cordova/PhoneGap based applications is that resources HTML/JS/CSS are not compiled or otherwise obfuscated when the final application is published to stores, thus literally everyone is able to unzip your APK and see, copy and modify your original code.
DexProtector is now able to encrypt your Cordova/PhoneGap based application, and securely protect HTML/JS/CSS and other assets.

What is new:
- Android M Preview 2 Support
- Experimental Support for Apache Cordova/PhoneGap Android Applications
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That really rocks! Our CTO updated his BlackBerry to Blackberry OS 10.3.1, and since it has #Dalvik inside, we were curious will #Android apps protected with #DexProtector work under the new upgrade. They work nicely, guys! +BlackBerry, congrats with the very well done implementation of #Dalvik! Best of luck!
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We are pleased to announce our big release: DexProtector 5.0.0 with support for Android L.

What is new?

Android L support added
Hide Access is now supporting x86 architecture
The new dex-processing engine “The Big Bang”, which speeds the protection up several times
Added ability to use glob and regexp syntaxes and exclude patterns in the filters
By default, the original debug info preserves in protected APKs
Trial Policy is changed: you must specify a device that is to be used to run protected applications
This summer was hot for our engineers, as a result of this we have a new engine that deals with APK and Dalvik bytecode. We named the engine "The Big Bang", and not by chance. Here comes a new era in development of protection mechanisms for Android platform.

We had a closed testing of a DexProtector’s release candidate and got a very positive feedback: the most problems that are relevant for 4.x were solved and APK processing speed was significantly increased.

If you have not yet started to use DexProtector 5, it is a great time to go ahead.

We are happy to hear any feedback from you, questions, comments, wishes and concerns are welcome!
#android   #androidl   #protector   #obfuscator   #licel   #dexprotector  
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Hurry up and join us on JUG event in Saint Petersburg on July 24!
The session will be in Russian language. 
Brief description:
Java Security Model on practice
Bytecode verification in JVM, why it is needed?
StackMapFrames: step back or forward?
Testing performance of verification in different Java versions
Security of different Java to Native code compilers
Java Security API: how to write good code that works with system resources
TypeSafe and TypeConfuse: researching and testing
Example of using MetaSploit for penetration testing
How Oracle makes Java secure (CPU / Security Alerts / Server JRE)?
And more...
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Good news for our customers. DexProtector 5.0 upgrade with support for Android L (Android 5) will be free of charge to all who bought DexProtector 4! #obfuscator   #protector  
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We have just released the new version of our #protector and #obfuscator for #Android applications DexProtector 4.9.7. Added support for ADT 23, minor fixes and improvements. Stay tuned, version 5.0 is going to be released soon!
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