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Introducing the Libertarian Standard Chrome App

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(The app creates a shortcut icon that links directly to the site.)
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Cool downloading soon
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Unfortunately, you cannot shake this particular myth of Che being a great humanitarian with nothing but love for his fellow man from the left. When you present them with eyewitness accounts of Che's brutality and contempt for those beneath him, the leftist counters that the testimony of those victimized by Che are sore losers, or they are the pawns of the politically powerful anti-Castro "elite" in Miami who have conspired to perpetuate all of these lies about the concentration camps or el paredón. It's quite a thing the left have there: criticize your opponent for being anti-science/empirical evidence; present them with empirical evidence, claim it's not valid due to bias.
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Although I support drug legalization, some people just shouldn't abuse such hardcore ones so heavily....
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TLS now accepts donations in Bitcoin. ¡Viva la Revolución!
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Looks like an awesome blog, I will check it out.  Have you heard some of my lyrics? - I would love to get your opinion of my writing - I call it Lyrics for Liberty.  Thanks!
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+Anthony Gregory responds brilliantly to a article that tries to rebut the pro-gun-rights observation that Hitler was a gun controller.
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Property - Prosperity - Peace
A website and group blog of radical Austro-libertarians, shining the light of reason on truth and justice.

We are — for the most part — Austrian and Rothbardian-influenced libertarians. We love justice, individual liberty, civilization, and truth. We hate the State, war, and militarism, which are the enemy of these things. We love prosperity, property rights, and capitalism; we oppose mercantilism, fascism, and protectionism. We are neither left nor right: we are libertarians.