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“It took six million Jewish lives for the West to realize that antisemitism is evil, will it take sixty million Muslim lives to realize that Islamophobia is evil."
What Does The Charlie Hebdo Episode Highlight? - Politically Sane
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It was a conspiracy by israil to get jews threatne so that jews migrate to israil
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Liaqat Qazi

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Rise of #Islam in Modern #Turkey
Rise of Islam in Modern Turkey - Politically Sane
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Please read this message

If you like reshare 
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Liaqat Qazi

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"CIA vs Islamic State" My letter to Dawn Newspaper
THIS is apropos the CIA torture report released by the US Senate committee about some of the techniques employed by...
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Liaqat Qazi

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Its the altitude of the attitude that counts!!!
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“There's nothing wrong with apologizing to your wife all the time. Muslims are used to apologizing ask the time for nothing to do with them" (Abu Eesa).

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Liaqat Qazi

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"It took six million Jewish lives for the West to realize that antisemitism is evil, will it take sixty million Muslim lives to realize that Islamophobia is evil." #Muslims #France #CharlieHebdo
What Does The Charlie Hebdo Episode Highlight? - Politically Sane
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Liaqat Qazi

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Discussing #Nawaz Sharif's market visits, the monitoring cell to be established at PM's office and the causes of the petrol crisis #Pakistan suffered from.
Is Nawaz Sharif Prime Ministering Too Much? - Politically Sane
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Liaqat Qazi

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#Terrorism in the Name of #Islam
Neo-Kharijite Groups: Terrorism in the Name of Islam - Politically Sane
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Women's University of Saudi Arabia!?
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+Jersey Stevens it's Colleges and departments via wikipedia
Health Colleges

College of MedicineBasic SciencesCollege of DentistryPreventive Dental SciencesClinical Dental SciencesBasic Dental SciencesCollege of NursingCollege of PharmacyPharmaceutical SciencesClinical PharmacyCollege of Health and Rehabilitation SciencesRehabilitation SciencesHealth SciencesMedical TechnologyCommunication Sciences

Science Colleges

College of Business and AdministrationEconomicsLawBusiness AdministrationAccountingCollege of Computer and Information ScienceComputer SciencesInformation SystemsNetworking and Telecommunication SystemsCollege of SciencePhysicsChemistryMathematical SciencesBiology

Humanities Colleges

College of Art and DesignInterior DesignGraphic Design and Digital MediaPainting and PrintmakingFashion Design and TextilesCollege of ArtArabic Language and LiteratureEnglish Language and LiteratureGeographyHistory and CivilizationLibrary and InformationIslamic StudiesCollege of EducationCurriculum and InstructionEarly ChildhoodSpecial Needs EducationPsychologyCollege of Home economicsNutrition & Food ScienceCollege of Social WorkCollege of Languages and TranslationEnglish Language and TranslationFrench Language and TranslationCommunity CollegeComputer Sciences and Information TechnologyAdministrative Sciences

The Deanship of Community Service and Continuous Education offers various diploma options. The Arabic Language Institute (for non-speakers of Arabic) offers grantscholarships to non-speakers of Arabic from different countries. The institute has over 350 students from more than 40 countries.

Preparatory Year Program (PYP):

To ensure quality and a smooth transition into university life, PNU students are required to enroll in a one-year preparatory program of necessary skills, such as:

Study skillsIntensive English programCommunication skillsComputer skills
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Liaqat Qazi

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I have an android phone with good specs but the mobile does not have the update option and I awfully want to update my android os. The current version is 4.2.1. I just wanted to know if stock android images, I mean the real android os images, can they be flashed on phones other than the Nexus? Secondly it seems that my mobile is probably not supported by any custom ROM either. I have a Voice V60. Waiting for answers and suggestion and it is the new os that I really want.
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Go to and follow +Max Lee

My work here is done. 
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CIA versus Islamic State

THIS is apropos the CIA torture report released by the US Senate committee about some of the techniques employed by...

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Jesus Christ in Islam and Christianity

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Peacebook: Sharia: Barbaric or Perfect?

The second source is the Sunnah, which means the way of the Prophet, the authentic sayings of the Prophet. They act as a commentary of the Q

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As economic awareness spreads around the globe, it is a pleasure to write about the only perfect economic system along with logical, economi

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For example in the matter of love and compassion of children towards their parents, the mother is supposed to get 75% as compared to the fat

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Many people wonder as to how a person with a scientific and logical temperament, can lend any credence to the belief of life after death. Pe