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The US let blind activist Chen Guangcheng leave its Beijing embassy after receiving assurances from China it would would guarantee Chen’s safety and legal rights. Has Uncle Sam learned nothing in its three decades of dealings with the Middle Kingdom?
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Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost, to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door !

That's now only words...
American dream has become a nightmare.
Watched Mao's Last Dancer recently. Strongly recommend it to anyone interested in the personal stories of China/US relations. Unfortunately - with the continued economic entanglement - and China's veto power on the UN Security Council - the US won't stand up and do what's right.
While i empathize with the people of China and especially the courageous gentleman in his efforts to raise the plight the of the ppl and human rights abuses, the lessons we learned from the Arab uprising (spring), compared with the Iraq experience, leaves no doubt that for real change to happen anywhere, the ppl of that nation must lead the effort not any foreign body or nation.
+Eugene Winter truth. Although it's tough that when one of them stands up - for ideals that they (in part) learned from the USA's own marketing - and the USA doesn't back him up... it's a bit of a shame.
+Porter Woodward I agree with you, like they say there are many ways to kill a rat..., only a matter of time before the center can no longer hold, the genie is out... the good ppl of China will the corrupt leaders for they are really for. Even in the oldest demcracies we have problems but like they say the lesser of all evils, cheers.
The perceived "power" of the USA was always going to be an illusion that people believed...Until George W. Bush actually wielded that so-called "power", and then the world realized that the USA really isn't as powerful/influential/scary as everyone thought...... It's like if someone threatens to fight you, to scare you, so you back down....until you actually fight...then you realize they have one hand tied behind their back all the time "and they agree to pay for any damages they cause in the fight"....Sure we have a leadership in the world, but the USA can't make a country do what it doesn't want to do.... and everyone realizes they can say no to the USA now ... I deplore what's happening with Chen, on its face it makes the Embassy folks look like idiots, but you can't really believe that, can you? ......maybe Chen took the calculated risk to take this only chance to re-unite with his family then use the international attention to re-gain his release back to the USA.
+Victorino Macapagal While i agree with you somewhat about Bush wielding the power at the wrong time and maybe the wrong cause BTW (the jury is still out on that) history maybe kinder to him - judging the recent actions in the middle-east - but your assessment on the perceived power of the US, i believe is not accurate. The Problem, i believe is the lack of good communication of the 'perceived' US power, like we had during the cold war and the defeat of other tyranny in history before now.

The message is very, clear humans are born free and any society that undermines that innate right to freedom is doomed. To suggest that the US is weakened because of the means of seeking that freedom during the Bush era, is false. The dream is still alive and well the world over, China may benefit from its pseudo-capitalist system now, that is largely because of the pent-up demand for goods and services, which allows the ppl to ignore the lack of freedom for now, - the Tienanmen square may have been suppressed - but it accelerated the economic reforms we now see, i believe -the next progressive step will be self-actualization.
You could be right...I'm glad I'm not in the position to make decisions about this...Seems the USA is so often nowadays in no-win free Chen = China gov't locks down on USA interests, stops diplomacy, and China plays out the victim to US hegemony....return Chen = look bad when it comes to human rights, China drags feet on diplomatic issues and still plays victim.... We no longer have that "bargaining chip" of being the perceived "lone super power" in the world to back up our intentions....
chen you very very strog.thanks chen&li anne.
+Eugene Winter I guess it's my pessimism in this world. Power of the press and media is so easily manipulated to make good intentions look bad.

Like that phrase "..a good name, like good will, is got by many actions, but lost by one..."...everyone turns our good intentions to look bad. So the power of our "good will" is easily negated by true or even perceived mistakes. I mean, I know we're all out to "make a buck" like every other country, but at least overall I believe we try to do more good as we do so than anyone else...

But the freedoms we espouse are a double edged sword, as we are "beholden to criticism" as well....hence our hands tied behind our back. And people manipulate that because they can.

Which is why I think in China, it's a losing proposition right now for us. They control the media. How can we persuade a populace there that we want to do well, when all they hear is what China wants them to hear? I know many people there are not naive, but still, information control is very influential. (BTW, my ex-gf was from mainland China; she was aware of her country's problems, but very defensive of her country's actions and very nationalistic, and only mildly critical of her government; when she defended it, it sounded like the government proclaimations and responses we hear come out)

And why should their population care about freedom of speech? If studies are correct, close to 50% of China will be in the "middle class" in the next 10 years. So it becomes a clash of philosophies : USA+freedom=prosperity vs China+central govt=prosperity.

And I look at Russia...once well on their way to democracy, now manipulated by press (imho) and other means to reverting back to hardline-central govt.

Is freedom really a requisite for prosperity? The jury is out...Ah, but maybe that's just my creeping pessimism about the world again...heh heh..
LI ANNE !! Happy BIRTHDAY !!! :D Am I the first ?
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