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What do you think of the NBC Olympics coverage?
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Public TV is bet for concise, no fluff reporting.
I don't care much for most sports. But if I did, I'd use an internet proxy to watch the Olympics on BBC. Even before #NBCFail  I've never liked the mindless filler that broadcasters gussy up Olympics broadcasts with.
It doesn't bother me as much as it does others I am able to watch most of it from my desk at work live.  I would hate to be spoiled though.
Great job. Seems they have done away with, "Up Close and Personal" I would like a quick peak into some of back stories.
At the same level as the olympics, getting worse and worse everytime.
The event seems to have lost its golden shine.
They are horribe this time around.  Maybe it should go to other networks sometimes.
I liked. They had announcers that knew the events and passed on their knowledge and opinions.
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