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So... when was the last time you boycotted something? How long did it last?
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Operation black mars. Didn' buy any media for a month to protest ACTA and all other BS they are trying to pull to lessen pur freedom and integrity.
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instagram.. it's still going. I refuse to use it.
6 years old all the time what to do all this alone?
Just got off Rush Limbuagh's supplies of Little Debbie's snacks and see how long that he lasts.
surprise surprise... NMA does a fluff piece for Apple Media... come on guys, at least in the US we have a disclaimer that says "X station is owned by C Company" - you owe it to the consumer to at least pretend that your unbiased!
Boycotts are stupid, so it fits that Jon Stewart is organizing one.

I am boycotting Baskin Robins till I lose 60lbs...... It is a Rocky Road, and too often I am inclined to Fudge, but sometime next year there is a Rainbow Sherbet at the end of it....
the last thing i boycotted was my mothers cooking and im still fighting the good fight
Sony, after their rootkit scandal. Other than one big purchase last year -- my brother works for Sony and he got a deal on a TV for our parents -- they haven't seen a penny of mine since 2005.
I usually say I'll boycott something and then it doesn't last. Oh well. =)
I was going to buy that groupon, but my friends didn't want to go with me :(
It's in SF too! Right down the road! what a shame....
I boycott the local milk bar because they're rude to children. Haven't been back for 5 years.

The shop is only 5 doors from my house!
^jerks! its just milk, don't they know?
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