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I could shoot sunset in China and then eat dinner in New York...Great!! Where do I sign up :)
Cool idea ! but I think how to provide stabilizing pressure to push it will be a big problem
This is what I expect when they talk about rebuilding America's infrastructure. Submit proposals for new technology like this and you have my vote.
It is one of the great breakouts now , i think when it will be commercail it will become funless to travel around the world .. And be in some kind of Trip to remmber 
I'm still in favor of the 'Tel-a-portation' concept...where, just thinking yourself somewhere, is the method of travel...
So if you went around the earth a dozen times in this thing non-stop the opposite direction of the rotation, could you go back in time one week?
This concept was used in one of Jasper Fforde's "Thursday Next" books. Ms. Next went to Japan in about 45 min from England using the Tube Transport system. Enjoyed the concept in the book, should be interesting in real life.
This is freakin' awesome! It'll be like riding in the little tube thingie at the bank :)
Wish planes did that!
That is what i call great invention&innovation++++++++
Carlo W
"It produces a maximum of 1G at top speed".

DUH! What about /during acceleration/!!!
Sounds like a replacement for highways too. An hour's car ride in 10 minutes safer (we hope) faster and less energy. Could change the morning commute too.
Oh man that would be fantastic. New definition of tubing?
Sounds like we haven't listened to Welcome To The Machine enough....
Yeah, beautiful...what about environmental impact?
This is an updated version of a concept called a tube train. It was advanced in the '60s by a professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. It never went anywhere because of the enormous investment required for right of way (needs eminent domain aquisitions) and the cheaper alternative of existing trains.
WOW!! this would be AMAZING!!
This is a great alternate to air travel.

I think Darryl should look into integrating it with the Skytran ( system to solve the last mile issue and promote both the long and short distance solutions together. Unfortunately, neither him nor Doug Malewiki seemed interested when we last spoke 3 years ago. I think Masdar is or was considering the Skytran system a while back.

It seems that all we need to do to jump into the 21st Century is to start supporting those pushing for it.
And the first time that the air lock / air supply of a capsule started leaking, the occupants would be dead.
Gray, you make it sound like no one has ever been injured or killed on our current means of travel
It would be great for the GCC countries.
Now, how practical is it? Any implementation?
That would be amazing. Make it happen!
They have been talking about that for lunch, I think they might be lying to you about the G-forces thou. I remember seeing a program on it and it said that the seats would move and flex and turn to offset the Gs.

Still of to New York for lunch.... Class
This was proposed by physicist Robert Salter back in the 70s. The Chicago Tribune had an article dated Oct. 25, 1978 Taking ‘tube’ cross-country: A pipe dream? about his idea.

Salter called it the Planetran. New York to Los Angeles in 21 minutes for $1 a minute, speeds up to 14,000 miles per hour.
As many movies and video games there has been about this same idea for YEARS now, I am disappointed that it hasn't been done yet. The world is SO behind on introducing or developing this kind of technology it isn't funny. Sad............
b reid
Are tickets available on expedia? I'm ready to go.
Does it have wi-fi? We all need the facebooks and the twitters when we evacuate!!!
eh you'd have to look at the economics of the thing. As awesome as it is, how many people need to travel cross-country. The answer is probably - more than how many people should need to travel cross-country. Transport is expensive, we should be striving for increased density, better telecommunications tools, reduced carbon footprint, etc.
+Mark Thomas of course people die in current methods of transportation. And for all I know they could make this safer than even commercial airline travel, which is incredibly safe.

But you know how some people are afraid of tornadoes and others aren't? Or fire? Or water? Or earthquakes? The thought of my body exploding from the sudden loss of cabin pressure seems like the worst possible way to die.
We could start by using bots to handle deliveries
Around the world in 6 hours? I'm in...
on the surface, the bot idea seems to make sense. postal service is already dying a slow death. I soo don't want to be a buzzkill though, I totally want to live in a world where i can tube on over to the cali coast from ny for the weekend.
Its really cool except that there is a lot of wasted space in my opinion
Fascinating concept. Only enough time for a power-nap though.
You forget that a large part of US materials and manufactured goods travel by rail (or by truck for shorter distances) and would also likely use the mass transit tubes to make shipments move faster around the country. This boon to private industry would help make the lanes more economical, and cheaper travel costs would mean that people could afford to commute farther (which means less automobile pollution in urban areas while affording more opportunities to find gainful employment).
Don't get me wrong Mathew, The only reason I suggested the bots/droids (Air borne of course) replacing the postal service was to save on the carbon footprint so that we could have some carbon left over to blast me under the ocean at 6000miles an hour. I would queue for months to get a go.
wow this look cool wish that was mine
I wonder what a malfunction would look like...scary
Of course everyone is ignoring the elephant in the room.

6 - 10 people per tube (you can only send one tube on the line at a time, perhaps you could send a few but you would eventually have to send them back. - No wait a circular tube. Damn it problem solved) per hour is not enough, It would have to be a very large train to cater for the volume required to make it economical
At those speeds, the slightest glitch would have disastrous consequences. For example: an earthquake. To stop a shuttle tube at those speeds would probably take about 7 miles (without forces that would injure the occupants). Of course, there are a lot fewer people in the tube than in an airplane in the event of a disaster. So if they space out the tubes every 10 miles, only 16 people would be killed in a "disaster." I guess that's better than a plane or train wreck. Of course, evacuation from a disaster under the Pacific ocean would be quite a challenge. Especially if the tube flooded.

They would not be able to build it along existing rail lines because of the curves in the rail lines. At those speeds, the slightest curves would throw you against the side walls of the capsule and induce intolerable G-Forces. The tubes would need to be nearly straight as an arrow, making mountains a problem. I guess they could just drill straight through the Rockies, but that sounds pretty expensive to me.
Alec M.
No pun about a series of tubes?
Pretty old concept... and: No, it's NOT that easy! Capsules need to be pressurized, since the tube is a vacuum. So you need a bottle with compressed air to compensate the leakage of the capsule. You also need some kind of engine and/or brake-system. Acceleration via boosting air into the tube is not a practical solution for multiple logical reasons. Friction is also a serious problem. You would need magnetic leviation to get rid of these problems. Switzerland is actually trying to build such a system since ~1990, google for swissmetro or click here:
Yea I'm not entirely sure of all the variables. I hear ya Carl, and it sounds good, but....these tubes aren't gonna take the package to your front door, so there's still gotta be some kinda network within the urban centers, so what we're really talkin about is reducing the traffic either on interstate highways or in the air...this concept totally makes sense if it replaces air travel...I think. But I still question why I would need to live in a different city than I work in. And why local public transport wouldn't do the job.
Maybe the point is that the postal service needs to swap it's planes for tubes? But then I don't get to ride one :(
I wouldn't really want to be traveling in that personally.








It would be good only if you are traveling long distance!






how would people breathe in that thing?how to control the pressure?
Considering jet lag...I wonder the effects this will have.
Hmm, I didn't know the pricing argument. If it is so much cheaper to build than the regular high-speed trains, why is this not pushed more?
Sounds like we should be building a few of them encompassing the globe. Breakfast in America, lunch in Europe, dinner in asia. Now that would be cool!
Joe T
Yes Luke and to feel like a bank deposit! :-)
This all sounds well and good, but who exactly is going to pay for it? Because it does not sound cheap.
When will they start building them? oh wait this is innovation and awesomeness that would put flight and rail industries out of business, never mind it won't happen in america.
One nice thing is for the most part, it could be done either using existing rail lines (replacing them) or expanding next to them.

Sadly one of the main reasons we don't have much hi-speed rail in the U.S. is people forget how BIG the U.S. is in relation to Europe. I mean my brother once got on a train in SW Germany near the French border and in short order was able to get to Denmark and then hop on a ferry to Sweden. That same trip from where he lives now wouldn't even get him back to where we grew up. From my point of view, it would barely get me from the OR/WA border to the OR/CA border.

Building a line from New York to L.A. is like building a line from Lisbon to the Russian/Polish border. That and we've got some really large mountain ranges to deal with.

I mean I didn't realize till a Port of Vancouver person gave our Traffic Safety Alliance a briefing that because of the Columbia Gorge cutting through a lot of that, it is cheaper to ship stuff to Vancouver and then to Chicago because the Gorge is a natural tunnel through a good chunk of the Rockies.
than is so cool i hop i can see one one day
I actually had this idea of a cylinder type shape transport like the underground but above, faster and only few passengers. so much for RGTrains.
What did you think about the train in Hunger Games?
I love the idea, but how on Earth could evacuated tubes be built for 1 tenth the cost of high-speed rail systems? I find that hard to believe...
And can you imagine what might happen if the vacuum were to leak?
wont 2 hours kill you of heart exceleration
Simple concept, but far more difficult to implement than a train. For example, how often there would have to evacuation points. How would people escape in underwater segments. It would have to be air tight and leaks would greatly decrease speeds... Keep dreaming.. but I won't hold my breath...
I now pledge my life to aiding the implementation of this technology.
Brake concept needed! 1G acceleration may be comfortable, but sudden impact into a wall is 3000G+ => spam in a can.
That would be awesome but the instant takeoff looks like it might break some necks.
+Thomas Qne The graphic of the SwissMetro vehicle looks like it is shaped aerodynamically, which would not be required in a vacuum. Either the graphic is wrong or they would not operate in a vacuum. Your thoughts?
Where is the toilet? I'm not sitting with a bunch of strangers with lack of facilities. I mean, look at planes. As soon as the seatbelts sign is off 5 people rush to the toilets.
iv seen this before...from new Mexico.its capable of a speed rate @ mach 3
Already been done.
Planet Earth and Genesis 2 - mid 70s sci-fi movies with tube system transportation around the planet. Nice to see science catching up to sci-fi.
P.S. - I forgot Futurama too!
woooow awesome that would be well gud
Carl O
I'm going to have to call baloney on the feasibility of maintaining a large scale vacuum environment, as well as it's claims of cost.
that thing is beast
Yes! Build this please! I've always dreamed of flying through one of those tubes at Costco, or the old drive-thru banks!
Great idea, but I'll stick to my motorcycle. #claustrophobic
Geez, I think I already thought of this... seems like an expensive idea though.
This is the direction the world is going in, keep a lookout
Nice, till that first accident and the trust level on it goes really south. I hope they do it though.
+Gray Strickland, there is no perfect vacuum.

I consider it very challenging to get down to 100 millibars, that's circa 10% of the normal air pressure, in such a big tube with pressurized vehicles running around inside. This means, you reduce a friction by a factor ten, but not down to Zero.

Every stopping point will create another leak to the tube. The same is true for turnouts.

It will necessitate an enormous array of vacuum pumps to create and maintain the vacuum, and these will consume a lot of energy, even at times when the tube is not used for a while.

Aerodynamic design may still help to cope with the remaining air in the tube.

PS: I recently took the London tube from Heathrow to Country Yard. It took me almost 2 1/2 hours. I am not that impressed of The Tube.
Not going to happen. I don't see how any of those claims could be realized. Sure, if you do the math it might look like a really good idea, but i personally can't imagine how they plan to keep the air out, the magnetic field up (100% of the time... anything else is disaster at that speed) and terrorists from just poping a hole in the tubes.
This would be a crazy change in travel
buzz kill! this would be cool if this could happen.
Is it possible for civilians to go in a small capsule at 600miles per hour what effects does it have on the human brain?
Its the best invention yet. Awesome. Great way to travel.
+Gray Strickland Yes, that's true. It's a rendering. Swissmetro AG went bankrupt in 2009. Then "Pro Swissmetro" was established. That's why I wrote "they are >trying<". ^^ Anyway, I would also suggest an aerodynamic shape so you would also be able to leave the vacuum/tunnel-system...
How much are the baggage fees?
This would be the turning point in human achievements IF it came true
Do old people and people on welfare get a discount card?
I can see this working when combined with some strong drugs to keep you asleep. If you move in the correct direction you can even travel back in time :p
Just eliminating traffic will be great ,this would be awesome
Does a round trip take 12 hours?
Do I have to get a pat down from the TSA in order to board?
How much government subsidies are being wasted on it?
Why doesn't this already exist? I mean, Futurama gave you the answers.
Too confined! Need more space!
Cool When or will this be out ?? much better than virgin trains
They had proposed this exact thing for the New York Subway over 100 years ago.
This would be an amazing concept. And forget about site seeing!
There would be problems with the acceleration/deceleration causing at least discomfort and up to blackouts or death to the occupants
When it stops working how do they get you out?
Question; How can us humans handle tht kind of speed? And how will it stop? Would it go on forever?
Inside the tube would be pressurized
Maybe google should build it. They only have 49 billion dollars.
How would you build a tube in the middle of the ocean without any Deaths?
Interesting that would be great.
Hmm this is just fiction for now. The 1G felt by passengers is at said top speed of 6000km/h. The biggest problem is accelerating to that speed. It would take so long to accelerate from standstill to 6000km/h and not harm any passenger, that the travel time would completely change...certainly not 2h from NY to China. Discovery Chanel I think covered a similar subject a few years ago and proved why is not feasible for the moment.
Steven Hawkings says "This is Crap"
We scrapped the space shuttle program for this? WTF!
claustrophobically stupid idea, without something to see.... A ride with a motorcycle is way better.
If you go around the world in 6 hours don't you just end up where you started? Why bother?
Could you imagine the carnage of an accident at those speeds? Great idea, but not with "lowest bidder" construction.
My vacuum cleaner can get my dog from the living room to the bedroom in under 3 seconds.
accident on any train airplane or vehicle at higher than 80mph is carnage, at least with the tube it would be a painless death.
Emma Jo
Cool but why would I want to???????
I'm selling tickets. Who wants in?
Now we'll find out how chemicals in pills feel like.
Lmao. They probably got this from futurama
Evacuate Tube: They can even evacuate you to the cretace period with this tube :D
so, just another series of tubes, eh?
Good idea ... if they don't leak :)
Who would maintain this so called tube that would have to be wrapped literally around this planet? That would be big bucks! Especially if it crosses deserts and vast oceans. Failure!!
How mush ca$h for 1 ticket to Australia???
it isn't the speed that would kill you, it would be the acceleration. If the maximum G force felt is 1 G like the video says, then there would be no problems. It would not go on forever because there would be friction forces acting on it when it rubs against the walls of the tube. It could also be stopped through the use of any type of braking mechanism.
+Jonathan Yim Even if it's just across country, 45 minutes for a cross country trip would be awesome. Once it's proven effective, you branch out to other countries across Europe and between the US and the Europe/Asia. Basically perfect it on a national level, just like air travel, then make it international once the bugs are worked out. The competition might do the air industry some good from the consumer perspective.
Anyone else hear the Futurama theme song in the background, while watching that video?
Getting out of the way of tsunamis and other natural disasters would be a lot faster and more organized this way.
Wow that is a mojor advance in transportation period. looks easy to transfer the tech for all around public transportation
That is so cool... and it reminds me of those transport tubes in Futurama :)
Mmmm not so sure I'd want to be in that thing.
Why did I circle you?
According to Google+, you're hot.

NOT A PICK-UP LINE, I just imagine you post interesting items.
I want one of those. Just think, in a few years we'll have Star Trek trasporters totally figured out.
Hmm... Great concept! But what would actually happen to an average person inside. Inertia alone would be a problem, one would think?
Cool, but what about bathroom breaks?
很優~中途我想下車買便當 :)
Gotta be in China in 2 hours no problem lol
Should have been done a long time ago and it would only be cool if I went with you....wink wink
I'd be too paranoid someone would sabotage it haha.
i would want to travel to china with my BFFS PS. JUST KIDDING I WILL JUST BRING MYSELF
You would never get me in one of those things..or travelling 6000 mph.
WTF i would ride it til i puke
omg it looks super fun.... smoke a fatty and ride out!!!
Travelling in a vacuous tube? What if the capsule develops a leak? Dead on arrival and SOOL my friend.
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tube!!!! i would love tat if it was going 626 mi.per hr. lol nope i would want it 2 be faster till my ummmm... i dunno till it shuts down?
Dj Sweg
how would they get to china would they build the tubes underwater or in the sky
would you even get to china, think of all the warzones in between
hahaha it looks like those things in the movie avatar tht the ppl gt in to go to the avatar world
Robert Anson Heinlein has these tubes built on rhe moon in many of his 1950/60's stories. The idea is not new, nor revolutionary. This is the guy who invented the waterbed ( or is credited with conceiving it by the fellow who is the inventor of record)
Looks like a great idea. 6500 kmph!! Wow...has a ring of 'the running man', going way back there :)
that would be super cool how much $ does it cost!
Im speechless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
load into giant pistol
Thank you for making this (unauthorized) animation. Some very good work, but it is too bad the animation is not accurate! The real ET3 capsules are smaller than the capsules shown in the NMAtv animation. The real ET3 capsule diameter is 1.3m diameter, and 4.95m long (car sized - not bus sized). The real ET3 tube diameter is 1.5m. (The NMAtv incorrectly shows the capsules at about 1.8m diameter, and the tubes at about 2m diameter THIS WOULD MORE THAN DOUBLE THE COST! Also there is another error, the capsules are shown going directly into the tube instead of entering through an airlock. A airlock is required to prevent any air from entering the tubes. Thank you for taking the time to produce the video animation. We hope you continue to show ET3 (tm) in animations that are well researched and accurate, and we also hope you give proper attribution to this patented technology owned by Inc.
around the world in 6 hrs? count me in
Does anyone know how much it would cost to build a rail system just from NY to CA? This is such an awesome idea!
Vaccum-sealed, low-friction, mag-lev bullet-train? Ah, that thing I read about in that robotics/technology book when I was six. Good to see I wasn't the only one.
If your traveling in air tight tube under the pacific for 2 hours, you'd run out of air.
this may happen in the future and it's cool (the thing is it uses less energy).
don't think I can bring a chef on the ride but I'm sure I can afforded one once we arrive after our destination
This is, for anyone with an understanding of physics and engineering, quite impossible.

The Starship Enterprise will be built before this is.
this so cool, wish it could be happened one day in my life
I'd hate to ride with a gassy person in that coffin.
Someday will be come true !
It can be built for cheap, but i would assume that the operating costs and maintenance will be much larger.
That would be awesome! Why not build one. Talk to the oil industry.
Just what I always wanted, to escape inside a Tylenol capsule.
Yeah, it'll just cost you an arm and a leg to ride it!
Only nine to be rescued?
It looks awsome i dont care how much it would cost id rob a bank to ride that thing!
The problem wouldn't be building it, the problem would be maintaining it
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I'm sure governments are considering this, more likely, on a larger scale since it would matter if it could also carry more people and goods.
The gas and oil companies have too much at stake. It aint gonna happen...
oh you get a refund if you're in a tube with crying kids, or that one guy who calls ralph, or if grandma's bladder can't keep up with the g's?
Awesome...just how are the Gs less, though?
This is amazing. They should start building now.
Would be great for people who have a fear of flying.
Go to Paris to get crepes and be back in time to watch the Bengals game that would be hot
i wonder how much that would cost .... i would try it though
How do you slow and stop it safely? Can it make multiple stops along a single route? How do you make turns at that speed?
Woah, that does sound awesome [chuckle] But is it for real? [grin]
i m superman .... i can fly ...... any doubt????

Idk why I thought this was an XBOX 360 at first
very cool,,, then I could stop working to buy a helicopter..
Lol they were thinking about that kinda project years ago, for a transatlantic transportation system, taking people from Hong Kong to SF within 2 hours... problem is, there's just 1 safe way to build the tubes in the ocean and the materials would cost like 500 billion$ and also take decades to actually build them.
Get the scientists working on the tube technology, immediately.
As cool as the Northpole in a few years... Oh wait..
this tubes should go through the Earth, along the chord. So, the capsule will be driven only by gravitation
the future of tomorrow !!
hy nice .....................
Amazing technology. Connects the entire world. An incredible idea.
why bother,teleporting is just around the corner
if we could lay a wire from north to south pole we would have free power,earth is a dynamo
You should be able to hold cause it's way too fast ;)
It' s a great idea, but I suspect there would be a lot of problems lnvolved with the iplementation of such a project, such as territorial rights, aquisition of the land it would occupy , ( there would most likely be several tunnels side by side for evacuation ect. ) it would require our world to work toghether in, up to now an unparalelled way!
Yes it would be cool! The first thing that should be done is to see if it's even possible to actually work would be is to make a small scale model a mini version of it that would take some crash test dummies or better yet live animals and transport them from LA to San Bernardino. This would be about the best way of checking to see if its really going to be worth investing in or making this type of high hoped dream announcement on the internet?
It should be done but then the government will loose money because there will be no disaster's.  
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