Survey results + stream updates!

Okay, here are the findings from my totally and completely scientific survey that you all filled out yesterday/today.

1. Stream feedback on user-submitted designs!
This wasn't the first question but it is the one I want to give the most attention since it relies totally on viewers, and the response to the idea was overwhelmingly positive. I'd like to start a segment where you send me your own work before the stream to be discussed, critiqued, or revised live!

To do this, I'm starting Dadapixel Streamback - to submit your work, go here: and fill in the form!

I will consider all entries and choose a few to discuss on stream each week. I'll have a separate post on Dadapixel today to talk more about the segment.

But speaking of scheduling...

2. Stream Sunday afternoon!
Sunday and Saturday afternoons edged out every other option as the best time for you all to catch the stream, with Sunday getting just a few more votes. This seems like a good plan to me, since our friends in Europe can tune in and Sunday afternoons are usually a lazy time anyway :)

This isn't to say I will never stream weeknights, just that this will be my weekly anchor point. I think having a somewhat reliable schedule is important for the stream to be a good experience, so we're starting here.

3. Stream concept interfaces from start to finish!
This was the winner far and away. Runners up included bits & pieces - either from my "real" work, or concepts on their own. So work for apps like Focus or Nova, plus bits like a conceptual sign-in page or something like that.

Bonus: 4. YouTube
I've been streaming to both Twitch and YouTube simultaneously for a while now and it's worked out great. But I'm going to start improving what I upload separately to YouTube as well!

Given previous feedback and some new ideas, I'll be separating out the Streamback and some timelapse material from each stream and producing separate videos around those for people who don't have time to go watch the whole archive.

Thanks for reading this far, and - more importantly - for watching. I can't wait to get these changes going!

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