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I wonder how many Nexus 10 owners have bought or plan to buy an official book cover? Mine shipped early this morning!
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Are you going to do a review of it for AP?
Yep, I plan to write a little something about it for AP. I ordered the "scarlet" one, so I'm wondering what color it will actually be. 
Oh, cool. In all honesty, I am waiting for your review then I will decide. Plus you can take yours hunting with the scarlet.
Hah yeah I'm definitely hoping that the scarlet is...well...scarlet colored. The cover photo in the Play Store, if it were a web color, is somewhere around #f84a31 , while the one we saw in the Verge's hands-on is a rosy #e01636.
That said, I can't imagine Google wouldn't have color-correct photos.
I can't bring myself to order one. I love the concept of it but I feel like they really missed the boat by not making it function as a stand too.
A stand functionality would be nice. What I REALLY want is a dock.
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