Want to see what my stream of consciousness looks like? Here's a yarn abut the Nexus Q.

I kind of think of the Nexus Q as a hidden string found in one of Ron's APK Teardowns. We saw it, but it wasn't ready yet. It didn't do anything, but it didn't need to, because it was only a preparatory move.

The Q was meant to look like the center of Android @ Home. Perhaps it still is. We haven't heard anything about it yet, but the original device showed us that Google, when it wants to, can design and manufacture a truly stunning piece of hardware. That hardware just didn't have enough supporting features to let it bear fruit. 

Google's pulling of the device wasn't too hasty, and wasn't totally unexpected (to me anyway) - the device was positioned as one for developers and hackers to play with. Those that wanted an easy way to filter their Play content out to TVs and Speakers could do so with the device (that's why I have it), but that was all. Developers, on the other hand, proved that it could have a user interface, could play games, and could potentially do more in its current form.

The Q is in the same league - in my mind - as the Chromebook Pixel. It's beautiful, it's well-made, it's over-priced, and it's practice.

I have a strong feeling we'll see the Q again. Maybe not this IO, but some time relatively soon. I also think we will eventually see Google make other Nexus devices by itself.
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