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For those without access to MyGlass, here's a list of all the official Glassware so far, many of them launched just today!
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How do you make this work? I switch word lens to "On" and nothing happens, there's no install or download progress, "ok glass translate this" doesn't do anything. What do I do?
It's not in your Ok Glass menu? Switching it on should just...add it in, assuming Glass has connectivity.
Let be honest most of these are crap. They do little to actually make Glass more desirable and enhance the user experience.
+Ray Mayfield That's your opinion. My opinion is that apps like IFTTT and Word Lens give Glass a step toward the functionality that will really make it great. Like +Timothy Jordan said in the preview presentation (I'm paraphrasing heavily), Glass is about helping you do things like play a game of golf, take a run, or translate on the fly in a way that both improves the experience and isn't obtrusive to the actual activity.
My opinion is that this is freaking awesome, though I want Glass 2 to use this on that is a whole lot better hardware-wise than the current Glass. The software is going to get there much faster than hardware, it seems, unfortunately.

For starters, make the damn thing fold.
I sort of agree with +Ray Mayfield , but probably not to that extend. A lot of these apps are not based on what you see so it's hard to call them "Glass' companions".
The social/news/notification apps offer merely a more convenient way to do something, not a new and breakthrough way that's unique to Glass.
Frankly, the only ones that look promising are just the GolfSight and Jewish Guide for Glass. Maybe Stopwatch.

UPDATE: Looks like I missed Field Trip and Word Lens, those look cool too.
I'm absolutely psyched about Word Lens. It's been my dream, and now it's here.
Surprised that YouTube is not on the list. Is it possible to watch videos without going blind (or mad)? Same for the lack of Play Music.
+Will Knott It's possible to watch videos on YouTube but for now you have to "Google YouTube" whatever you want to watch. I personally haven't found a case where watching a video on Glass is either practical or pleasant, so I don't really do it. Play Music should be coming soon, according to the Glass team!
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