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Liam Spradlin

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And then in the middle of a discussion about super cool Focus icons, +Francisco Franco divulged that he uses the stock launcher instead of Nova, and I was all like...
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+Assad Jawaid Why? 
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Liam Spradlin

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Thanksgiving isn't over yet! Making some cranberry sauce :)
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Too much Facebook over this.. 😯
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Liam Spradlin

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I feel like I'm getting away with something, drawing material elements on the iPad Pro. So far the best app I've found is +Autodesk Graphic.

I'm currently building up my libraries of icons and UI pieces, which is kind of a tedious process, but using my finger or a stylus to do this is a pretty cool experience, and Graphic has a surprisingly wide feature set for this sort of thing.

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Don't tell me you are falling in love with that monster :O
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Liam Spradlin

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And then as I was investigating the camera "aperture" icon for unspecified reasons, I noticed that a few petals have extra points. I wonder why.
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+Liam Spradlin Oh okay, I thought the path turned very slightly lol.
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Liam Spradlin

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#nowplaying for Thursday night sleepy sketching
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The video is not available :/
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Liam Spradlin

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Just got mine. Trying it out now.

So far, sure, yeah, it's very light. But that's sort of like saying Android gets better battery if you put it into airplane mode.

Forgetting the whole lack of entering a comment in the list view until you tap a post (that's actually not a big deal at all to me as it now seems to ajax load the box without switching to the individual comment), here's something else I used to use all the time. Drag-and-drop images into the post creation box.

Not only does that not work anymore, but it doesn't even work when you specifically click on the image button. There is no more drag-and-drop of images, period.

I really hope they bring back the features we are all used to, but for now, I think I'll roll back later today.
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I just got it, and lovin it
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Liam Spradlin

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Black friday sales

We have great sales today! The euro and dollar values are practically the same these days so the values below are mostly accurate for dollar users.

Before: 2.99€
Now: 1.99€

-3.99€- 2.99€
Dark theme: -1.49€- 1.00€

Focus just received a MASSIVE update and FKUpdater will be updated very soon to support the Nexus 6P and whole new range of fixes and improvements.

Get it now!

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Liam Spradlin

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This really is the most polished version of Focus yet, Apple jokes aside :)
Focus 1.1 is OUT NOW!!!

After about a month of development I'm happy we got this out of beta!

+Liam Spradlin and I are very proud of what we achieved with this version, not only because of new features but because it's a great sum of little changes that make the whole experience so much more enjoyable.


1 - New feature: The vault. You can safely hide pictures/videos from Focus only accessible with a passcode or a fingerprint (if your device supports it)
2 - Added support for Fingerprint authentication on Marshmallow
3 - Gigantic performance improvements across the board - we can't stress enough of how big of an improvement this was
4 - New beautiful animations when opening/closing a picture and when long pressing a thumbnail
5 - The main content now scrolls above the Toolbar on Lollipop or newer devices. Beautifully inspired by +Nick Butcher's new app Plaid
6 - The tag selector now shows the most commonly used tags right at the top and whole sheet slides up as you scroll rather than confining youe scroll to one small area
7 - Tap to hide tools on picture viewer now works on all types of media (previously only camera pictures would do it)
8 - Better "Tags restore" flow
9 - New tag icons for "Facebook", "Twitter", "WhatsApp" and "Screener"
10 - Support for Runtime Permissions on Marshmallow
11 - Fixed a bunch of memory and resource leaks. “A small leak will sink a great ship.”
12 - Removed the image cropper padding
13 - Fixed Muzei support bugs

Download it here:
It should be available from the Play Store in a couple hours too:

We have great things planned for the next releases, such as:
* Google Photos support is the #1 priority for the next release because it should've come with 1.1, but our changes were so big we couldn't just name it 1.0.10
* Support for Panoramas
* Support to edit tags built from folders
* Offer an extra layer of security and prevent Focus from being opened at all without unlocking via Fingerprint or Passcode
* Improve picture edit with better image quality and improved functionality
* Add support for allowing to choose pictures via the DocumentsProvider
* Improve The vault for even better security

This is the roadmap for the future and we think you're going to love it.

Special thanks to +Nick Butcher which helped me tackle a performance issue with some tips!

This is the best Focus release we've ever shipped.

Fucking revolutionary.
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Hey +Liam Spradlin , can you take a look at the new closing animation? It has a very noticeable delay. For example, when I click to open a picture I can instantly start to scroll to the next picture, but if I close a picture if I try to open another picture or scroll right away it does not work. The stock Android animation when closing an app is very similar, it slides down, but I don't have that problem there, if I press the home button and instantly try to scroll to another home screen it works, but on Focus if I try that the interface is unresponsive and nothing happens, only if I wait a little bit I can scroll normally. Just to be clear when I say delay and having to wait, I am talking about a very short time, but it is long enough to be noticed and I believe it's not a good experience, at least for me it's not. I hope I explained the issue well. Let me know if you can see the problem as well. 
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Liam Spradlin

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For those who are coping with the new G+ layout and therefore can see approximately zero content from the OP, this shared post was originally about the bottom tab bar on the G+ mobile app.

My secret wish is that it's a one-off element and as it slowly fades into the wallpaper of the G+ design history, we will scarcely see it going.

My primary issue with it is that it seems starkly more product- than user-centered, a compromise that isn't quite acceptable when it eats 9% of stream space on almost every screen and slips itself in between two navigational models that are already well-established.

"Could you talk about the new bottom navigation tabs in the Google+ app?" and the framework / UI toolkit people on stage were all like...
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That article assumes that a musician and a UX designer have metaphorically similar goals. That is simply not true. Furthermore change is only good when it is a verifiable improvement. Not all change is verifiably good. Not all change is even verifiable. Clearly Google are data driven so this experiment will no doubt be thoroughly instrumented with analytics. The trick is balancing analytics with user feedback. We know what the feedback has been. We don't know the analytics. For this change to be verifiably good, the analytics would need to be unambiguously and overwhelmingly positive in promoting those desired hero features AND accompanied by the desired growth in user numbers and engagement. Somehow I doubt that has happened so I feel comfortable concluding that the change, objectively, has been a bad one; regardless of the apologetics of iOS fans with regards to the tab bar on a platform with a back button.
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Liam Spradlin

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The biggest thing to happen to Focus since Focus

Now in beta, Focus 1.1 delivers some major new features and a big handful of new details that significantly refine the experience, even integrating some of the original design concepts previously gathering dust on the cutting room floor :) in the interest of word economy, I’ll list a few of the changes.

0. The Vault! This feature is still a work in progress, but you can safely tuck photos or entire collections out of sight in the vault, protected by your fingerprint (on devices using Marshmallow’s official fingerprint API) or passcode. We’re working hard to make this feature awesome, and that includes extending our code to hide your vault photos from other apps.

1. The main layout now slides over the toolbar. This interaction was inspired by +Nick Butcher's Plaid demo app - it’s a super elegant way to get into the content just a little faster, and works really well for toolbars that only have non-critical actions (like the camera shortcut in Focus).

2. The picture opening and closing animation has been reimagined. The previous animation, which scaled thumbnails up and down from their origin points, was problematic because a user could swipe through photos and then exit, while the exited photo was off canvas, meaning the closing image had nowhere to go.

To solve this we gave every photo a common off-canvas origin and destination point - it’s just below the edge of the canvas.

Each image slides up and down when you open or close it, and to maintain your sense of context, a scrim fades in over the main screen as the image slides up. The picture viewer’s action icons then pop into existence with a really fun new animation.

3. Thumbnail elevation. This was one of those original concepts - when touching an image, it raises to meet your fingertip, with an appropriate shadow showing up underneath.

4. Long-pressing a photo. The overlay and checkmark for selecting photos have been decoupled, giving us the opportunity for a really nice little detail as you select photos on any screen.

5. The tag selector - your most commonly used tags will now show up right at the top of the tag selector, and the whole sheet will slide up as you scroll, rather than confining your scroll to one small area.

6. Opening a collection - this animation has been rethought as well. The tag chip still travels to the top of the canvas, but the photos don’t explode out or in anymore, making for a more peaceful transition.

7. Clearer tag creation - when creating a new tag, you’ve always been able to choose a custom color. Now, the selected color gets a clearer checkmark while maintaining that nice elevation effect.

Grab the download and let us know what you think. We think you’re going to love it.

Focus Beta community:

APK Mirror:

#justFocus #materialdesign #update #WeThinkYoureGoingToLoveOurRevolutionaryMarketingImage
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KuKOqeqhrNGg a
.BqOBOz BqOBujOz.Amio
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Liam Spradlin

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DESIGN NOTES with Eduardo Oliveira from +ustwo New York

For the seventh episode of Design Notes (now with a brand new custom sound track!), I talked to Eduardo Oliveira, a designer at Ustwo. Eduardo’s background includes a lot of disciplines, from industrial design to motion and interface, and at Ustwo he’s helped design and build some of the studio’s incredible watch faces for Android.

In this episode we covered Ustwo’s three core principles for wearable design, how to take advantage of the smartwatch’s unique capabilities, the future of wearables, and the importance of exploring new ideas.

Check out the full rundown at the link above, and listen on your favorite service below!

Pocket Casts:
Pushbullet channel:
Google Play Music: the coming months

#designnotes #design #podcast #uidesign #development #android #wearables 
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Liam Spradlin

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#nowplaying  for the Titan goddess of nocturnal oracles and falling stars (in other words secret projects)
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