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Liam Proven

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Is anyone here using RISC OS on their Pi? 
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Hi liam my name is Lauren Davis how are u
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Liam Proven

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I have been meaning to try Arch Linux for years . As a former RPM user, once I finally made the switch to Ubuntu, more or less exactly 10y ago, well, since then, I have become so wedded to APT that I hesitate with non-APT distros. My spare system on this machine is Crunchbang, which I like a lot,…
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It's the first non-DEB distro in a long time I've been favourably impressed by -- but it's a bit too much work for me personally, yes, I agree.

I must be getting jaded. I'm even thinking about FreeBSD again.
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Liam Proven

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And now for something completely different. [Tech blog post, by me.]

[Recycled (part of) a mailing list post: another crack at trying to explain what was significant about LispMs.]
[Recycled (part of) a mailing list post: another crack at trying to explain what was significant about LispMs.] One of the much-ignored differences between different computer architectures is the ;machine language, the Instruction Set Architecture (ISA). It's a key difference. And the…
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Liam Proven

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Liam Proven

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A panorama from the roof terrace of Red Hat building 2, Brno.
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Take a look at the building in the Street View time machine. 

It has 4 views cached of the building.  In 2009, the floor you are above with this view didn't exist. 

You have to move up the street to the "left" as you face the building and pan up towards the top floor.
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Liam Proven

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By me on El Reg.
Your handy guide to keeping snubbed operating system ticking over
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Liam Proven

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Since I just had to dig it out for another reason... this still contains useful info, I reckon.
Multiple accounts in one inbox, online backups and more
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Liam Proven

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Liam's write-only LJ - "You've gotta ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel lucky?' Well, do ya, pedestrian?" #projectBrno
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Or ask B about some of her experiences with trams...
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Liam Proven

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I had the same issue on an old Thinkpad X31. It was stranded by Ubuntu dropping non-PAE kernels after 12.04. I managed to coax 13.04 onto it using the FakePAE patch:

But other things broke. Now, there's an in-kernel ForcePAE kernel switch...

Using this, I tried 14.04 on it. Lots of things didn't work right, including no wifi and the colour corruption on resume that you describe.

So I gave in and went back to 12.04, by the means of LXLE. Works really well, all my hardware works, and it's still getting updates and will for a few years yet.

Frankly, IMHO, it's easier than fighting to keep using h/w that's no longer properly supported by later Linuxes.
I have this old HP nc6400 which is gradually deteriorating. However it is pretty good for browsing the web, and taking to places where it might get nicked. Unfortunately, at some point recently, either due to it developing a ...
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Laptop. Not much option about video cards.

12.10 broke display on one my CRT screens - it was trying to autodetect the resolution, via a BNC connector cable. No EDID on BNC; I had to go find a VGA-VGA cable and replace it. 

IOW, shit happens. I'll take the frequent free updates to a less-than-annual paid-for one that also breaks stuff. Also, hardware is essentially disposable now. :¬(
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Liam Proven

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There is a rumour going around that I have found God. I think this is unlikely because I have enough difficulty finding my keys & there is empirical evidence that they exist. – Terry Pratchett (b. 1948)
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Just calm down and ask yourself: where did you see him last?
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Liam Proven

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Liam Proven

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Taking a 10,000' view of modern OS design. (Warning: extended rant.)

-- blog post, by me, as I develop some ideas a little
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Tall dark black-clad atheist skeptic biker SF fan; writes & fixes computers for a living.
Professionally, a freelance IT consultant and writer, mainly on technology matters for various publications.

Personally - well, a not-very-comprehensive list of characteristics might read, alphabetically: Atheist, biker, biologist, SF fan, skeptic, vegetarian.

White, monogamous, heterosexual, male Englishman; unpierced, untattooed, non-smoker.

Not as dull as the above may sound.

If you want to get more of an impression of me, I suggest checking out my LinkedIn profile (for professional stuff) or my Livejournal (for personal stuff).
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Severe RTA (bicycle), 1986; severe RTA (motorocycle/coach) 1994. Bionic man. Still riding.
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