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Raised on the pop van
Raised on the pop van

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Yet more words on creating content schedule for a busy business.

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Some words on measuring a sites success beyond rankings and visits.

I must google+ I must google+ I must google+


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Anyone using for tracking search data: check it out here, free signups only open for another 7 days:

Note to self: come here more often!

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For all my Ibiza people...
It is very hard to change ... It is very easy to choose the road of feeling bad or feeling sorry for yourself. As a personal trainer i work daily with people who like to change. Change in lifestyle, change in the way they look or even changes in life.

Before you like to pursuit a courages endeavor of change, keep in mind that you not only can transform your body but also your mind. You need to have the right mindset, passion, determination and a burning desire, but most important you need a reason why... Without those important elements change will be only superficial and temporary.

You need to find your reason why. Sometimes it is easy and sometimes you need to dig deep inside of yourself to find it, but when you have found your reason why, it will carry you through your journey. It will encourages you to get up on your feet when you are falling down. It will be there when nobody else is there to support you. It will work for you unconditionally.

My wish for all of you were ever you are in the world is that you embrace change. Go an pursuit your dreams whatever they may be. Listen to your heart instead of your mind, and i promise you that all your dreams will become a reality.


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