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restarting my Google+ presence, on my Google Apps account this time. Going to try to use this profile more, perhaps run the odd Hangout and take questions?
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Started following you on twitter back when I stumbled on the Chromium OS builds, and even though I haven't had time to keep up with it, I'm still interested in seeing/reading about what you're up to. Reckon I'll mostly be a silent lurker/follower, but just thought I'd say welcome before I fade into the background again :)
Same as +Jeff M, I've been following you since your ChromiumOS builds started. Thanks for what you've done to push ChromiumOS forward!
Google announced they were working on a Migration Tool for G+. As of today, no updates were given about it.
Can you please do a ppc version of lime if so will be very very very grateful? ;) Great work
1: Now the problem with the danish keyboard is solved - æ-ø-å. Thanks.
2: Still problem with the java on some sites - check ex Good job anyway.
3: Still the shadow / selected menupoint is not were the pointer show in the drop down menu.

Again thanks for the good work!
I saw a video where you managed to run spotify on your chromebook.
Do you have any plans to release the app?
Thanks for your great vanilla releases which made me enjoy chromeOS so much I eventually bought a chromebook.
+Harry Speight WebKit doesn't work on PPC, so no chance, sorry.

+Søren Juulsgaard Great to hear your keyboard issue is fixed. As for Java, it's probably going to disappear from builds soon. Oracle only provide an NPAPI plugin, and those don't work with the new Aura UI.

+yznn Garandel Great to hear Vanilla builds sold you on the Chromebook! As for Spotify, it's running on WINE, which is a bit of a hack. With a lot of fiddling around in dev-mode, you can get it running, but it's by no means simple. I have a HTML5 based version, but thanks to Spotify's rules on the libspotify library, I can't share that sadly.
+Liam McLoughlin SHIT, What other branch of linux do you think would be best for my Ibook g4 then cause... Well, Chrome OS was my fave out of most distros... Cause im ditching mac and moving to linux
+Adam Robertson Tick the "Enable PAE/NX" box in VirtualBox
+Adam Orama Flow is old and unsupported. VMWare isn't supported, I disagree with their model where you need to upgrade to a paid product to do anything but run VMs. Use the VirtualBox image in VirtualBox (which is free!)
+Harry Speight Mac OS X Leopard is still incredible useful, and many Linux programs don't work on PPC (like Chrome, Opera, most games, WINE, etc). But if you still want to give it a go, try PPC builds of Debian and Ubuntu (many people think PPC builds of Ubuntu stopped, but they didn't).
I get kernel panics when trying to boot Lime off of a USB flash drive. Does that just mean my hardware isn't supported?
+Liam McLoughlin I did see this post, but I thought it didn't apply to Windows, because the Windows device boot and the OS boot menus don't seem to allow you to enter commands. So, am I missing something in Windows or do I just have to install Grub?
Anyone had any trouble getting the OS Image Creator to run on OS X Lion? I keep getting error:1 in console when it starts. Just crashes every time, no crash reporter or log of any sort to clue me in to what's happening
+Mike Kemp I'm running the Image Creator in Snow Leopard (one version below Lion) and it works fine.
Hi Liam, I have a laptop that was put aside because it started having some issues, lets say it was getting lazy. Because my daughter sees a lot netflix I thought to put the guy to work again, and installed Ubuntu on it. After everything was setup i connected to netflix and everyone were cheering until we clicked in the first movie. The page that came wasn't the usual dowloading screen, but a redirected page telling that to watch netflix you need a windows OS or a Mac OS or a Chrome OS 13 or higher.
Thats how I found you.
So my question is. Is it possible to install the Chrome OS without the 4Gb usb flash memory? Can we just use the laptop memory?
Other question, do you have any idea if this laptop (Acer aspire 5000) will have the drivers needed to work? In partcular the wireless hardware (Broadcom Corporation BCM4318).
Thanks for making the world accessible to everybody.
One more thing, whats the difference between lime and vanilla builds and the virtualbox. Where is the best place to place this questions?
Eh, Lion's had some odd issues with breaking random things, so it wouldn't be a surprise if it managed to bonk the app. I can just hop onto my bootcamp partition and do it that way though.

:edit: turns out it was something goofy with the quarantine settings, if you open Terminal and punch in:
xattr -d /path/to/Chromium\ OS\ Image\\ OS\ Image\ Creator
it opens fine.
I would absolutely love an easy way to follow the changes that happen at the major milestones of releases. +François Beaufort has been really great reporting some related stuff but I feel it is insufficient to those that want to follow the changes that the OS goes through.

Keep the great work! :)
+Jony Brumas Sorry to make you sad, but Netflix doesn't work at all with unofficial Chrome builds. It gives an error saying to turn of the dev switch, which you can't fix.
Hey Liam, is there a chance that you'll start building VirtualBox images of the Lime builds? If so, I'd be very interested, as I'm sure others would. Thanks :)
I don't suppose there are working ATI/AMD video drivers? I tried running it on my HP Pavilion dv7-3160us, and got nothing but a black screen when attempting to boot into the April 1st 2012 release of ChromeOS Lime.
where can we download the latest version of the official Chrome OS?
Downloaded the Apr1 build and put on a usb stick ok. Set my Thinkslab T410 to boot from USB-HDD as first option. Boots to the chrome opening screen (white background with chrome logo), and then screen goes blank. Im guessing this wasnt an April Fool's comment about Lenovo but a software/configuration bug? Doesnt seem to like my THinkslab T60 either. Will try on my HP Dm1z later.
+Liam McLoughlin - do they sell with a CD or a image file?
Hi, How can I get audio out trough HDMI? I would like to install this in my HTPC. I have a Zotac XBOX HD-ND02 mini pc. everything else is working find. Thanks
Ran Lime -2034.0.2012_03_31_1607-r203eb2f5.img on a Lenovo B560. Booted the first time. Works great. The only thing that doesn't work is the "touchpad tap to click". Thanks.
Hi, cool work here, thanks tried a few of your lime builds on my old samsung R40 laptop, but getting blank screen on boot. is it too old to hope for support?

* 5xxx series of Atheros 802.11 wireless LAN
* ATI Radeon Xpress 200M

2nd dec lime build works beautifully on hp mini 311C. Installed on hd no hassle. Small issues: chrome gestures don't work with touchpad, no hardware acceleration for flash for nvida ion, right of touchpad scroll works v. slowly, be nice to control this. the millions or so other things work like a dream. thanks. be nice if there was a place for us beta testers to put hardware against builds for working/partially working builds?
Virtual Box versions of Vanilla gives me a error about the kernel not being compatible with my CPU.
When i start Chromium Vanilla i get an error that says "kernel panic - not syncing: stack protector: kernel stack is corrupted in: 81689088" then it gives a lot of information and it says "panic occurred, switching back to text console" what to do?
+Liam McLoughlin Do you happen to know if it possible to use bluetooth with a samsung series 5? How? (I have found the option to turn bluetooth on in the flags but it doesn't find any device; do I need a dongle? I have tried one (parrot) but it did not work...
Thanks for your help.
Liam thanks for the ChromeOS-Lime. Am I doing something wrong? Followed your instructions to the letter and have a 2.2Gb IMG file on an 8Gb USB stick but my Dell Inspiron 1545 states "Boot Partition Not Found" when trying to boot from the USB! Any thoughts please? Sorry, ought to add am using Ubuntu 11.10 as main OS.
ChromeOS Lime needs some forums where users can help each other, that way we're not pestering Hexxeh all the time :)
It'd be interesting to have a hangout or two a week for ChromeOS.
Jonathan, couldn't agree more, sure there would be lots of interest
+John Billot You don't copy the IMG file to the USB drive, you have to write it. Writing replaces the USB drive's contents, so you will lose all your files on it (back up!!!). Say for example the image is called Lime.img in your Downloads folder, it would be something like this in the terminal:

cd ~/Downloads/
dd if=Lime.img of=/dev/sdX bs=4M

Of course replace X with your drive letter, do that following the instructions here:

Hope that helped!
+Liam McLoughlin You should make a list of laptops Chromium OS Vaniila/Lime compatible. I tested Vanilla on an ASUS Eee PC 1001PXD and it works great!
Hi, be interested in lime supporting older hardware to prolong life of older hardware
I remember reading something about how installing the OS to a flash drive could break it, and it did.
After I got rid of the OS I had 2GB out of 8 of usable space - even after formatting.
That was like a month ago, today I came across a tool HDDLLF for low-level formatting and it fixed it. I have all 8GB available again.
I just wanted to post this here to say thanks for that warning; and for anyone who rendered their flash drive useless look up that tool. its freeware.
All you need to do is use diskpart and then use the clean command on the flash drive
Welcome (back) to Google+! Would be great to get updates on supported drivers, as my home setup still doesn't run :)
Driver support hasn't changed since December I'm afraid, so no updates there.
Hi, im trying to install your chromeos vannila 2135.0.r3602abe2 on my acer one netbook. And i have the following probplem: It boots fine into chromeos from the usb-stick, but when i use ctrl+als+t and then type install and reboot my netbook without usb-stick I only get a blank screen. After much googling a found that if you hold the esc key during boot and then typ in: chromeos-usb.A root=/dev/sda3 it boots into chrome os. But now i have to do this everytime i boot, is this a known problem and is there a way to correct this?
Liam, can you compile chromium desktop os? I see samsung chromebox is already out.
Also im having issue with screen resolution. It doesnt fit my monitor. Can you tell me the command lines to change the scale? I tried a couple of time but couldnt get pass the chronos password
need some help here, i try to installed Vanilla on my PC but it wont run..stuck on verifying pool data and then it freeze..any one know why?
my spec is quite old, sempron processor, 512mb RAm, 40 Gb HD and AGP8x VGA...and now my flashdisk is corrupted from 8Gb now only 2Gb. any advise everyone?
thankyou.. i used mini tool partition f or the FD and for my old just trying to find another distro that suits  them :) tqvm +Wesley Carter 
Will the lime version be coming back?