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Has anyone seen any DIY write ups / instructions for a room scale FDM (e.g. plastic pellet) printer?

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Anyone seen this? Could be a good route to go? Wonder what kinda wavelengths that DMD can take (I know TI make DMDs specifically for UV but they're expensive).
Developers worldwide can now pair DLP Pico technology with virtually any low-cost processor. See why EE Times is excited about the new $99 DLP LightCrafter 2000 EVM:

Who's great idea was it to have USB C to C cables with ONLY the USB 2.0 connections inside?

Now as well as knowing if the port is USB PD or not, or supports DP or HDMI or analogue​ audio and is it USB 2.0 or 3.1 and gen1 or gen2. And as well as making sure my USB A to C cables have the correct 56k resistor.

I also need to check I have the right KIND of USB C to C cable... Which look the same and aren't labelled any differently.

USB C is going to be a mess forever.
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If I want to put Z on M1 and so swap the step/dir/en pins of alpha and gamma in config.txt does the current control move too?
Or will alpha_current still control the M1 current?

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Was looking for a clamp vice to hold printed parts while finishing them and PCBs for soldering.

Noticed that the first picture on Amazon was of an FDM 3D printed model of the vice!

Assumed they used this as some kind of promotional picture before the final production models were delivered? Anyone seen other examples of FDM models used like this?

Interestingly, without zooming in, you wouldn't be able to tell it was FDM!


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New zero! With my SDIO WiFi board and the cam connector I can stream video with the USB port completely free for something else!
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Submit your ideas for #BluetoothSmart projects to win our Blue Gecko kit:

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Elon Musk’s snarky response to a Koch-brothers plan to kill electric cars
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Following the discussions and debate with 'Sad face' and the #Thingiverse / eBay +Louise Driggers

I'm trying to work out if this last part of the new post by Michael Weinberg is correct - (the part about the Sad face image being CC licensed) - I am convinced that only the 3D Model file is being submitted under the CC license to Thingiverse and that all images and photography retain full copyright by Loiuse.
You can download is the STL - You have to take the image by right clicking - it's not listed as a part of the 'things files'

Because Just3DPrint are using other people's images and photography, they are breaking copyright. They seem to want to debate CC licenses and ignore copyright, their latest responses on Thingiverse are shocking.

To be fair I just asked Michael on Twitter, and he has now asked Louise for permission, so that's a tiny result. Now if only everyone was nice and asked the designer for permission and respected the license and wishes before they started doing whatever they liked.

We do have fair use for blog posts and news articles - but the main point here is - Don't assume a 3D File with CC license is also for everything else.

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Has anyone used printed t-slot corner brackets? Or know of a beefier printed corner for the extrusion?

I want to convert my MendelMax to a Eustathios-style printer as cheaply as possible. I know I'll need some more GT2 and 6 pulleys but that should be about it. I might try printed pulleys and see if they are as bad as I think they might be.

I plan to use printed sliders (possibly with bearings) running on extrusion for the Z rather than buying more smooth rod.
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