So +Opera Next (Ver 15) is actually just a #Chrome  clone. For now. I hope they bring the Opera experience back. And I don't just mean a pretty Speed Dial. I mean everything. Tab Stacking, Tab Previews (either hovering and expanding tab section), Tash Bin for closed tabs/windows, customisable toolbars and UI, Sidebar, Opera Link!, RSS, change locale and UI language separately, Opera Wand, custom searches (and keyword search), etc. And overall customisability (not just slashing on a new theme, for web's sake).
Sure, it's a preview version yet and lots of features are sure coming back. But take this as a reminder that lots of features made Opera unique and me sticking with it even with its slow Presto engine.

Moving to Blink was a good thing but I thought you were just basing "Opera" on Blink+V8 and not making a #Chromium -clone with a red O on it. I mean, there isn't even the word "opera" in the UA. It's just "OPR".

BTW: How can I get my shift-click to open a new tab instead of (Chrome-behaviour) opening a new window? Lots to do, mates, hope you make it good. If not, a lot of users sure will just go use the original Chrome instead of a copy.
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