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Optimize G+ for big screens with this Chrome extension
A temporary fix for those annoyed by white space on the recently updated Google+ Design (which I love, by the way). This extension will modify the loaded CSS to scale the content' according to the width of your screen. It will become obsolete as soon as the Google+ Team releases new content to fill the whitespace. Would it not be possible to build a responsive G+ layout that adapts to different screen sizes?

+Vic Gundotra announced this space is going to be filled with something awesome in the future, but until then....
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Optimizes G+ for big screens
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More like it will become obsolete once Google realise what a turd they have made of the GUI
What a pain in the neck - literally have to read the feed sideways on a large screen...
Have you noticed you can drag and drop the icons in the left margin?
now if I could drag and drop the feed and customise how I want to view Google + that would be a +
whoopee, I'll do that all night instead of looking at everything else
+LD Williams you could make a game of it, ABC order then reorder by colours, then interests and so on :)
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