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Celebrating 25 years of the GPA.

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Marriage Equality Round-Up – August 8th

--Queer as Folk creators were "disturbed" by hostile reaction of some parts of the LGBT community
--Director Roland Emmerich defends "Stonewall" from accusations of "whitewashing"
--Elle Fanning will star in "About Ray" as a trans teen
--Jeffrey Tanbor on when he met Caitlyn Jenner
--Michael Sam makes pro football debut in Montreal

--Trans medical journal launching

--Marriage equality rally planned for Saturday in Hobart
--Two TV networks decline to air an anti-marriage equality ad
--Lawmaker plans to advance a marriage equality bill Tuesday

--The first third-gender passport has been issued in Nepal

--Bishop relents, allows trans man to be a godfather.

--Gay couple forced to use form listing them as "bride" and "groom"
--What is the trans ‘spousal veto’ and why does it matter?

--Rand Paul - Christians should be allowed to discriminate against gays
--Mike Huckabee - allowing trans soldiers to serve openly is a "social experiment"
--Scott Walker - would keep trans military ban
--Megachurch leader and author T.D. Jakes supports LGBT rights

--Legislator wants to change "right to discriminate" law to protect gays and lesbians

--Governor Brown to decide on gender reassignment surgery for trans prisoner

--AG Paxton agreed under protest to amend a man's death certificate to include his marriage
--Police investigating pool incident where woman's son thrown out for kissing boyfriend

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Huge crowds have turned out to march for equality for the 25th Belfast Pride parade in the city centre.

Belfast Pride attracted massive crowds this afternoon as thousands came together to march for marriage equality on the 25th year of the festival.

The theme for Belfast Pride 2015 is “25 Years Building Equality. It’s Time.”

Same-sex marriage is a key focus for this year’s festival following the ‘Yes’ vote in the Republic of Ireland in May.

Organisers believe more people than ever before have turned out for this year’s parade in a bid to persuade the government to legalise gay marriage in Northern Ireland – the only country in the UK yet to do so.

Despite the introduction of same-sex marriage in England, Scotland and Wales, the DUP government in Northern Ireland continues to block all legislation on the issue.

Sean O’Neill – who chairs the Belfast Pride Festival – told Belfast Live: “We want equality but we are celebrating everything our community is and our place in the community.”

Festival goers of all ages were picture in rainbow-coloured clothes, as they marched in a sea of endless banners declaring “Marriage Equality Now”, and “Love Is A Human Right”.

However, anti-gay Christian protesters also turned out in force, protesting outside the City Hall with their own banners, with some claiming that marriage between same-sex partners is “unholy” and others comparing the LGBT community to “whoremongers” and “adulterers”.

Although that did little to dampen the festival goers spirits – with a spokesperson from Belfast’s city hall announcing it will be lit up “like a rainbow” tonight in honour of Pride Day.

Belfast Pride is now a ten day festival with over 100 events after originally starting with a parade of just 100 people.

Organisers say the parade is “a chance to showcase the LGBT community and it is a positive celebration of the LGBT community in Belfast” while they continue to press for full equality.

The DUP shattered hopes by blocking equality for a fourth time earlier this year – but a poll has this week found that same-sex marriage has overwhelming popular support.

The Ipsos MORI survey found 68% of people in the country now support same-sex marriage – even higher than the 62.1% who voted Yes in the Republic of Ireland.

Support is much higher among young people, with 82% of 16 to 34-year-olds and 75% of 35 to 54-year-olds supporting same-sex marriage.

Even among DUP supporters, 45% of people disagree with their own party’s stance on the issue.
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Who's ready for Pride? We are! See our calendar of Pride events across the UK all year. Find one near you, and get your Pride on!

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Journeys on the Underground and Beyond
 is the latest book from Alex Fan Moniz

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Boys Beware!

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Take a look at five reasons why an independent financial adviser (IFA) can be a force for good. Yes, really!
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