Rufus illustrating me today. I'll grab him and go to bed soon.

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DISCLAIMER: I DID NOT SEND THIS TO YOU! If you are getting this post as a notification or e-mail or in any other way pushed onto you without asking for it, I'm not to blame. The Google+ system is calling it "re-engagement", and no matter how much I complain about this total bullshit system that Google+ has come up with, my voice is not heard and I have no way to get out of it, other than not posting at all. Which would just mean you would have seen someone else's post where you did not expect/want it, and since I'm so awesome and my cats are so cute, I'm really doing you a favor. The spam you received was at least something fabulous! If you still want to air your frustration towards me, write your complaint on a note, fold it as many times as you can and stuff it up where the sun doesn't shine. If you did not read this disclaimer and decided to take it out on me in a comment, expect me to abuse you at least twice as much as I was abused by you, because I'm just that pissed off. Google+ wants their social media site filled to the brim with shit, and this is what they are getting.

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