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... Now, the Obama administration has headhunted a software industry lobbyist (who supported #SOPA ) to take over his [Stan McCoy's]  job. 

#TPP ... #StopTPP  
Stan McCoy is the assistant US Trade Representative who oversaw the creation of the disastrous, far-reaching copyright provisions in ACTA and the Trans Pacific Partnership.
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...and this is exactly what is happening in the US.
If you live in a country that's becoming a greater civilization, I would expect to see minds coping with more knowledge, wanting to learn (and not be force educated) and rights being given in line with the increasing civilization.

Nations working in harmony with their citizens have trust, which opens up rights.

Quote not verified - It just sounds like the US....

#usa   #authoritarian   #corporatocracy   #corporategovernment  

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Party On People!!!
#dance   #music   #quote   #bankholidayweekend   #rave  

"Dance until Dawn (does what?)"
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Allergic to Big Ag I think....
it's allergy season...
#funny   #allergies  
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Looks like I better not shop here...

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Seems legit.
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Lex Cameron

Shared publicly  - the entire defense himself... whoever he is - Looks like a German game.
Another amazing back heel goal
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part of one of the most ugly parts of animal products production/processing - Dairy

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Got Milk? This little guy, doesn't, which is really sad since he is the one his mother's milk was intended for in the first place. Instead he was taken away from his mother as they both cried out for each other when he was just two days old, and he was thrown into a tiny crate and fed a high-calorie mix of grain-based formula. He'll live like this, in a tiny dark crate, away from his mother for 12 weeks before he is killed and made into veal. This scene is played out millions of times a day. The veal industry is a necessary component of the dairy industry, which has no place for male calves. If you consume dairy products, you are responsible for this calf and millions more like him.
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Good for you too Debra.
How about taking on Dairy. Beginning Now.
Freeze 2 very ripe Bananas (slice every 1" so it's easy to snap into chunks)

Place frozen banana chunks in food processor.
1 tablespoon of cocoa powder (maybe less).
1 teaspoon of maple syrup or Agave nectar (you really don't need sugar).

Process until it's smooth.
Put in dish.
Place some raisins on the top, and some whole raw cashews, or chopped (food processed) walnuts.
Put spoon in hand.

Try the recipe with other frozen fruits used in addition. Remove the cocoa and add vanilla, etc etc etc.

You've just given up Dairy Ice Cream..... and made an instant impact on the meme... You've made an instant impact on your health...
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Lex Cameron

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and I suppose the members of the Supreme Court are the lying gods...
"By a 5–4 majority, the Court struck down an Ohio law that would make it harder to lie in political ads, arguing instead that “any attempt to restrict or punish lying by politicians is an unconstitutional infringement on a religion they have practiced for decades.”
In a landmark decision, the Court declared on Tuesday that lying by politicians is protected by the First Amendment.
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more monsters...

#monsters   #monstership  
scary ship :)

found here:

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Now that I'm healed and rested, it's payback time. Turn the other cheek my ass, that was bullshit!
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Basic Information
Followers->lots, Views->lots, Socks->lots
Përkthej ترجم թարգմանել tərcümə перакладаць ভাষান্তরিত করা  превеждам Traduir 翻譯  prevesti  přeložit  Oversæt  vertalen  Translate  traduki  tõlkima  isalin  kääntää  traduire  traducir  თარგმნა  übersetzen  Μετάφραση  અનુવાદ  tradui  לתרגם  अनुवाद करना  Fordítás  Þýða  menterjemahkan  Aistrigh  tradurre  翻訳する  ಭಾಷಾಂತರಿಸು  번역  transferre  tulkot  išversti  Преведете  Terjemah  Ittraduċi  Oversett  ترجمه  tłumaczyć  traduzir  traduce  переводить  превести  preložiť  Prevajalnik  traducir  kutafsiri  Översätt  மொழிபெயர்  భాషాంతరీకరించు  แปลง  çevirmek  перекладати  ترجمہ  Dịch  Cyfieithu  יבערזעצן
The link above takes you to the G+ translator.
Unfortunately, I am currently unable to follow people who only post pictures containing foreign writing, as 'G+ translate' can't convert the text.
I'd go to the trouble of learning a language or three, but there are so many...... Choosing one would leave another one out.... and I don't want to leave any out.... so I'll just use the translator.

Famous Interviewer: Ah, hello Mr. Lex.
Lex: Hello. You can hang your umbrella up over there.
Famous Interviewer: Interesting hatstand! The last one I saw like that was on final clearance sale for 14 years at a flea market on Portobello road.

Lex: [Takes hat and umbrella while diverting his attention away from the white sale tag that's still on the hatstand] Help yourself to a drink.
Famous Interviewer: Ah, brandy it'll be. A lovely old decanter you have [swirls brandy in glass], this new brandy reminds me of the aroma of the fuel they put in our Spitfires.

Famous Interviewer: [Opens his laptop] Well, we need a secret agent. One with G+ experience, so I've come to ask you some questions. 

We all know G+ was good until someone changed it around April/May 2012, when they took away the 'always there' circles menu making G+ circles become incredibly tedious to use. Almost unusable. About 5 times more effort to use than before. The circles menu items so hidden away that we almost forget about them. The new menu bar entries coloured grey, so we fall asleep before we've selected an item. Additionally, the whole network's been brainwashed into believing that this was a Google update and that everyone likes the changes, but we believe that agents secretly infiltrated the Googleplex HQ by targeting the main entrance. The obvious place, because when we ask for help we never receive a reply. They brainwashed Google and had them change their system. We need you to find out who did this. They'll have the main lobby covered now, but SuperYacht Expo week is coming up and even the painters and decorators with Google stock will be out of the office. This is a difficult mission. We don’t know who the opposition is. A global user base 5 times less efficient with their contacts indicates the opposition is bigger than any one country or alliance. We believe that you were one of the lucky few with enough G+ experience that you weren't brainwashed, and I need to take some details from you "just to make sure" before you join the hunt.
Give me an introduction on how you use of G+.

Lex:  Firstly, thanks to all the people I've circled for posting interesting articles on G+, especially those who go to the trouble of directly posting their work and photos (where any associated links are only there for additional information). You're the people who make G+ fun and worthwhile.

I use G+ for private entertainment. I also post publicly on anything that interests me at any given time and has potential for wider social communication. I may also have public G+ Pages.
My intention is to use G+ on a friendly basis.
My profile pic's always subject to change, but for some reason, probably because of the Google Buzz debacle and lack of clarity from Google leadership, it's rarely one of me (or at least not a good one). If you plan to use/share my posts and content, you agree that you will not use them for (my definition of)  business purposes without my approval or for (my definition of) any form of malicious purposes. You also agree to label/share/publish that I created the content.

I check the G+ profile of the people I circle bar a few from shared circles. At best it's only a brief  review, so the posts generated by the people I've circled don't really represent me or my views. More often than not my own posts don't either!!!?! At times I have a backlog of people's circle notifications (potential friend requests), so please be patient.

I've seen tens of thousands of posts and profile pics, so I have no time to try to judge a profile on the quantity of posts or whatever the profile pic may indicate, or how a user uses the system. I encourage people to post as much of whatever they want to post, to have whatever profile pic they want, and for them to feel free to use all the G+ post, edit, delete functions available, as much as they want. Whatever makes them happy. When I circle someone I simply look at the quality of the profile's content.

Social networking revolves around people posting something on the system, similar to the fun of posting or receiving a snail mail letter in the old days. The fun only happens when people participate. I participate!

Famous Interviewer: Bragging rights?
Lex: Organic gardener since the 80's. I've eaten strict vegetarian meals since 2001. Wild edibles and wild mushroom hunting since 2011. I caught the biggest fish in 2 different reservoirs in the same week.
Famous Interviewer: Are you sure this is brandy, it tastes so dry it could be your dry fly floatant?

Famous Interviewer: Are you looking for friends/networking?
Lex: I'm always interested to learn about similar people, vegan/veggie, healthy/keep in good shape, care about nature/environment, religion/politics not a focus.
Famous Interviewer: Ah, that's why other people have so many followers, but it's perfect for secret agent work as nobody will know you!

Famous Interviewer: Which schools and colleges did you attended?
Lex: I went to school at Deanery Grammar School which changed its name to Park View. Then I went to Sunderland University.
Famous Interviewer: Ah yes, I remember the time we took a steam train pulling a long line of fully loaded coal waggons to that region to baffle enemy intelligence.

Famous Interviewer: Where have you lived
Lex: A number of places in the UK and a number of places in the US.
Famous Interviewer: An American homemade brandy - ah, P40 Kittyhawk fuel, but this could be our first clue to how their agents managed to ruin G+.

Lex: What are you reading on that laptop? You're not reading these questions off G+'s list of profile questions are you? I never fill out those intrusive questions.
Famous Interviewer: No [switches screens quickly to a betting site]. I was just checking "My Ride At Noon" at Ascot.
Lex: Well it's 11 o'clock, so you better be going. You don't want to be late.
Famous Interviewer: Laughs and closes laptop. Collects umbrella. Taps the tip of it on the ground twice and then points it at the door, "I'll be in touch, Tally Ho". Puts his hat on and leaves.
Lex: Tally Ho!

Lex: I wonder who he was?

This G+ "About" information supersedes any prior versions. If you are concerned about your comments, check back regularly for the latest information that's in force. Notice of changes will not be provided.

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