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Google Earth - Total Eclipse Overlay on map.
Loading KMZ files - Go to then select the My Places menu.
(Solar Eclipse KMZ files can be found here clicking on a solar eclipse link downloads the file in chrome to Downloads directory - in this case the file is called TSE_2017_08_21.kmz)
Then select Import KMZ file.
...Out of interest, what speed is the shadow travelling at (mph)?
#totaleclipse2017 #totaleclipse #eclipse #eclipse2017

Does GoogleMaps / Google Earth have an overlay for the line of the Total Eclipse 2017, so you can zoom in to precision locations (v's the NASA maps that seem to be to a precision of the nearest 50 miles........ - maybe they have one, but I haven't seen a very detailed one yet, that you can pinpoint bridges/houses/locations the very center of the eclipse goes over)?
#totaleclipse2017 #totaleclipse #eclipse #eclipse2017

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2 levels of problems with this.
1/ Although there's nothing wrong with stating the different violence, Trump should not be delving into the Left side of it, and should be solidly condemning the Right/Racist side that's caused all the problems. Trump, as usual, building up an image of his very own "Alt-Left" as a way to defend the racists. Making it seem like there are 2 sides, and 2 sides making trouble. There aren't. There's only one side. The Racists. Anyone else there is simply the US population, who aren't racists. Validly there to oppose racists. Trump should also not be wondering about future statues, as this again makes him a defender of Racism. If the statue is racist, it has to go. Simple as that. It makes for a better US. ...but these Racist politicians want to continue US racism, which assists the Racism of the leaders they now report to, Israel support.
2/ Paul Ryan's statement is the second level of stupid. "White supremacy is repulsive.. There can be no moral ambiguity.". Ryan and the other TeaPublicans are simply, and disgustingly, trying to take advantage of the horrible event, to try to damage Trump in the hope of potentially replacing him with one of the even more directly crazy/religious/racist Presidential candidates.

Veteran Plusser:
I saw a post in the stream by someone.
I moved from the stream and lost the post, but wanted to get back to the person's profile.
I "searched" for the person - no luck. (First name. Last name. Both.)
I went to the People menu. I did the same, no luck....
Gave up, as it's not important (just wanted to plus 1 it).
This is what Google/G+ has done to veteran plussers... Destroyed G+

Does GoogleMaps have a Total Eclipse layer, so you can see the track/line of the best/premium locations to see the eclipse?

G Plus - still an absolutely hideous social networking interface. I logged on to post a question, and I have to go thru the "Collections" screen pestering. Once I figure out how to bypass it I wonder where to post my question. I select "profile". I look all over the Profile page and no post boxes. Then off to "Home" , and after wasting my time I can finally post. ...but this has been par for the course for a Google that's desperate to rack up any and all FAKE usage stats. Glad I rarely us this thing anymore.

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...more from the US Medical System's Fiasco's stage show to try to make The Public think the Teapublicans are really working hard to do something good for them. All a big PR/indoctrination campaign to soften the blow of The Public losing rights/regulations, AGAIN. Trump with Dictator-like force and threats.

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It shows how clueless <intent on supporting Israel> this plonker is saying "We've played Israel >20 years through a succession of governments, some more liberal than others". You mean there's been good times in the last 20 years (or 67 years) LOL? #boycottradiohead #boycottaerosmith #radiohead #aerosmith

It's looking pretty much the same here on Garbage+ since I've been gone and waiting for someone at Garbage to come to their senses. Still aimed towards the PowDer User. All power features removed and an interface tailored to the Dumb User. A user who's dumb enough to accept having to needlessly press several more buttons or navigate 5 times more menus to achieve their task. There is a reason Google+'s interface was forced to look the way it did when it changed from Buzz, and a reason why it didn't look like current Garbage+. #google #googleplus #garbage #powderusers

With the old "search" features <appearing to be> gone in New Scuttled G+, is there some less easy to get to search feature with filtering that can be used, or has G+ development pretended to do something and produced a search feature? Basically I need the old search options, "by you" "by date" etc which they'd implemented poorly in old G+ (never mind essentials like that apparently vaporizing in the current G+ Garbage). I guess we now know what G in G+ stood for "Garbage".
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