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English....definitely a confusing and difficult language!!!
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Very hard to believe that it's a true story.
But whatever it is made me LMAO.
True or not, it is enjoyable.
Nata m
It's true story or not but funny
a universal joke of ,any two different language.
ho ho ho ho hooooooooooooo.......ha ha ha ha ha aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......hee h eh eh eh hehe ...khik khik khi k khik...khik khi.....plz help me to stop it....mishele obama
Nata m
apch-chi. ha, ho, he
Now, if this did happen, they should have taped it.. Could have won America's Funniest Moments! xD
that is the essence of short term training courses
Hahahahahaha thats why i want to learn japanese :ppp
i have read this earlier .. but everytime it gets shared i am all in smiles :)
I find it hard to believe that the prime minister of Japan wouldn't have at least a rudimentary grasp of English, but still this is pretty funny!
I doubt it actually happened. Very funny, though.
I don't know whether it is fake or not, but when i read i believed and laughed out loud :D
Allyn E
ahahaha, so good of the pres. Obama to have a xn humor, wish i cud meet him in person, ahahha
"Me too!"

On the serious side, if the president uses his wife as a reference, Michelle must be as popular or even more than him.
Nice Monday morning humor. Thanks for the post.
it must have been an awkward silence in that room
language can be difficult !
haha, haha, haha, ignorant americans, haha. Lets fucking see how good president Obama would do in Japanese? haha. embarassing.
Love that "Me too, ha-ha"
He got a lot of stick for this on Japanese TV too. :-)
Manny, never let facts get in the way of a good joke.
What about when that joke is being used by some for political or racist propaganda?
Sound's like that's your limitation Manny,
munju s
me too hahaha....
language is funny, that is why, very popular.
kisene bacvaas lecture likhdiya
It's true the words have more meanings then what we speak...
lol im loving this morning and memorial! thank you for that
lol, this just made my day!
i m on my knees right now,politicians::DD
Haha..good one.. Well we are also surprised some we are dealing morw with chinese client.. ;)
# thatawkwardmoment when you say something and the room gets quiet.
LOL .... sounds like it was straight out of Rush Hour 3.

"Who are you?" "He is me and I am Yu"
if only i could've seen that...:P
...I believe I have heard this long time ago, when the president is Clinton, but still very funny :-P
Gave me a laugh to start the day
whoa,gotta feelin we'll be at war w/them soon lolXD
Its korek much better to read the english book or the story book. Not funny but the prime menister is not that easy for.him to learn. 
Should have been caught on tape or vid. Funny as
Sometimes I get long silence when I bomb a joke. And I never get over it!
this is funny, i love how obama just laughs...
Doc Jay
👍thank you for this post. Lol 😃
I laughed, but honestly, there's no American who could speak a few Japanese words (without experience) and do it right, either. xD
hahahahaha funny +1
did the incident really happened?
Everything in the meeting room standstill is that I don' t know where was President ' wife. Sorry he don't really grasp English language.
Kiley M
YIKES! I thought that he was going to tell obama "us, translators will do the rest.
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