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Apparently, Chewbacca works in a Colorado architecture firm.

#architect #architects

(Follow the link.)

I assume he's just an intern, but you never know.
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Well, I certainly didn't expect it. It looked like your "average" hip, award-winning small firm. I'll drop them a line. Maybe Chewie will write me back.
I'll bet there's not much argument at design charrette time...remember Han's warning to C-3PO: always let the Wookie win!
Ha, ha, ha. May be they have the Wookie for client meetings.
That's even better! I bet no one value engineers a wookie's proposal!
Did you notice that there is a "Han" too? Click on Michelle's thumbnail: it's her last name. Perhaps this explains Chewie's....ummm... presence.
This is pretty odd, but I think is also pretty cool. I'm going to suggest my boss hiring Yoda for permits stuff. By the way, I think they have pretty good projects.
Better yet, hire Ben Kenobi to deal with inspectors: "These aren't the code violations you are looking for."

They do have good projects. I like the Shield House, in particular. It reminds me of something.
Hahahah. Ben Kenobi would be great indeed, and if we"re on budget it would be great substitute IT guy for RD2D2.
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