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Lewis Miranda
I'm just an old writer... lost in time
I'm just an old writer... lost in time

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My sharing this is not about Martial Arts, but share the message on distractions and how they stop our delivery. (and how ACTION demolishes them) As a writer, this is something I work on... a lot. Happy Summer to you all!

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Canoe & Kayak Magazine has a great feature on Puerto Rico’s bioluminescent bays: #PuertoRico

Mankind is worth 
the price of love
when we all stand
to share the load
that brings a mom
to be the source
of all the beauty
we live for

the new futures
the lessons got
it all comes forth
thanks to our moms
even the times
when we are wrong
and they keep us
safe from the storm

yes, it is moms
who make it all
giving our heart
life to behold
and the purpose
to be the one
who shows the world
what she taught us

thank you, mom
it is for you, I save the world
and if at times, seems I forgot
know that my heart carries your love

– Lewis 10 may 2015

Saludos +Jesús Ve
Gracias por la invitacion!!!
siempre sigo pendiente y buscando como ayudar... 

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To a friend's #birthday...

Happy Birthday Rainy...

The world we live
is full of dreams
and the reasons 
for our beliefs

but there are ways
to see the stars
and help our friends
learn with their hearts

you do that much
when every day
you help them learn
how to behave

not to be nice
but to be great
making their lives
a pleasing change

– Lewis

Thank you for the image, +Suedana Sandri ...

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Life is a storm
that you fight every day
to reach the reason to stand up
and face the fight and what is wrong

you have no reason to give up
but others will say you are wrong
not to help you but take you down
because they can't reach to your crown

-- Lewis  Jun 2014

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+Charles Barouch has a birthday today???
call me when the cake arrives...


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