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Oh.. It's space for my Facebook! ;)

#usesforwhitespace #whitespace #newgoogleplus
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Facebook gonna be the new myspace :D,and actually i'm happy with that cuz they never worried about users !
HA HA HA!!! hey we need another room for twitter, thanks G+ ^^
Now that is really a waste for the white space. I'd rather use that for lighting my room than for facebook ;-)
Looks like you've dropped a little facebook in your plus. It's gonna be hard to get that out.
Haha, its trendy to have be part of 12 million social networks now, i just don't understand, and then people post the same thing to the same 'friends' across all 12 million sites...
I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddently cried out in terror and suddently silenced
Better than shitty dating banner ads :)
White Space is..... More Space!
but as soon as you touch the G+ the space returns...grr! I hate this ugly blank spot.
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