FollowingLike is one powerful social media management tool, which can run five kinds of social media at the same time to automate tasks on them.

Facebook Version: auto post on timelines/pages/groups, add friends, unfriend, accept friends, like pages/posts/photos, like/reply comments, share to timelines/pages/groups, send message to friends/pages, follow, unfollow, comment, create/join/leave groups, invite users on groups/to like pages, add all friends to group, export contacts/people from groups/pages.
Instagram Version: auto post, follow, unfollow, like, unlike, comment.
Pinterest Version: auto like, unlike, follow, unfollow, save pin, repin, follow boards, unfollow boards, comment, send direct messages.
Google+ Version: auto +1, post, comment, share, follow, unfollow people, follow collections, join communities.
LinkedIn Version: auto like, share, comment update, share an update; auto like, share, comment posts; auto follow people, companies, universities; send invitation, send message to connections; like/reply comments, accept requests, endorse skills.
YouTube Version: auto comment, like, unlike, share, send message, subscribe, unsubscribe, view youtube videos.
Reddit Version: auto post, share, comment, reply, add friends, send message.
Tumblr Version: auto post, like, follow, share, comment, send message.
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