If you're interested, just let me know on the OP.
So I mentioned earlier today that I was thinking about doing another photo project based around the subjects I photograph starting with the letters of the alphabet. Some people had shown interest in playing along with me so I've solidified my plans.

I'll be starting the project on June 1st for anyone that wants to join in. How I, personally, will be doing it is quite simple. Starting on the first I'll be posting a photo of a subject that starts with the letter A, then go in alphabetical order every day until the letter Z. I won't necessarily take a photo every day but I will post one every day.

For those that play along I'll be mentioning you in my daily posts so people know who all is participating with me. So far these people have shown interest - +Paige Keaton +Tony Escobales & +Danny Burks - if you're still interested please let me know for sure. Also, if you'd like to join just let me know here.

The solid list:
+Steve Wilde
+Paige Keaton
+Elizabeth Lund
+Patricia Diegert
+John Leon
+Alma Alvarado
+Tony Escobales
+Danny Burks
+Janice La Mere Hackney
+Maki Silberberg
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