Light and Witchy Ars Magica 3
So, having looked at a lot of bits, I think I have the shape of the magic I want, now.  it goes like this.

1. You decide on what you want to do!  You'll describe it, and get a combination of a verb, a noun, and a form.  You'll have a rating from 1-4 in each (dots, probably).

The Verbs Are: Banishing, Conjuring, Divining, Dominating, Invoking, Warding.

The Nouns Are: Beast, Blood, Dream, Earth, Fire, Hex, Name, Plant, Shade, Water, Wind.

The Forms Are: Poppet, Brew, Rite, Taglock, Circle, Tool.

2. The Guide tells you about materials: Poppets need to be sewn or sculpted, Brews need to be brewed, Rites need participants and a formula, Taglocks need a sample of the noun or target, Circles need a circle of a material that suits, Tools need a tool custom-made for the job.  You put that stuff together.

3. The Guide presents some dangers: Dangers include the spell failing, you being doomed to also suffer the effect of a negative spell in future or the reverse of a positive one (up to three times), becoming exhausted, a collateral effect hitting similar or linked targets, a ban on use of the created thing (like your tool spell giving you a divining rod that only works under the full moon, or a knife that banishes hexes but can never touch blood).

4. You roll: This is a pool of d10s; you roll a number equal to your verb + noun scores.  Each die that comes up equal or less than your score in the form cancels a danger.  You suffer the others.
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