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Here's a great list of open educational resources.

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*This site is a gift for clear, rational thinking.*

I'd love to see Twitter/iPhone/Android apps that make it easy to select a logical fallacy and immediately text or tweet it to someone.
Web site simplifies argumentation.

Most people who argue and debate online, including here on Google+, commit standard, well-understood logical fallacies.

The problem with this is that debates never go anywhere, and they take forever to get there.

By calling people on their logical fallacies, you can shorten arguments, and everyone can learn from debate.

Great site.

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I'm going to file a patent for a method of expressing joy that includes compression of certain facial muscles to curl the edges of the lips upward. I believe that licensing (or litigating) this method could be quite profitable. Long live the "Information Economy!"
Samsung and Blackberry accused of violation of smiley patent :)
No, it´s not a joke, Varia Holdings has filed a complaint against RIM, Samsung and others whose phones offer you the option to select a smiley from a list and remember the last one used.

Yes, this patent is really filed in 2005, you can check it in the link below as patent 7167731. The company, Varia Holdings, owns the patent after a long history of take overs. The case seems to focus on the combination of selecting from a list, remembering the last option and automatically inserting the smiley after some elapsed period ;)

Sorry, in case I infringed on your rights in this post Varia

Let´s see how this goes, but it´s as usual hard to imagine that people take these software patents serious in the first place. Unfortunately this is not about common sense, but about money.

Post has shared content - Our Blades Are F***ing Great. LMAO!

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Great interactive application that shows the scale of the very very small and very very large of the universe. Thanks +Jesse Stay for the link.

Ok question: Which did you find more enjoyable sliding to the right (macro) or sliding to the left (micro)?

Click on the link above to access the interactive element.

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Chinese government caught stealing American secret for nasty food additive.

Whenever you drink skim milk or eat cottage cheese, as well as many brands of cheese, salad dressing, ice cream and other food products made in the United States, you're consuming a food coloring called titanium dioxide. (It's also used to whiten toothpaste, sunscreen, makeup, paint and lots of other things.)

Some people believe it's unhealthful, and a potential carcinogen. It's banned in Germany.

Don't bother looking for it on the list of ingredients -- it isn't there. Titanium dioxide is covered under one of the many loopholes that food corporations have obtained where they don't have to list certain food ingredients. (Food labels in the US aren't a complete list of what's in the food, but a negotiated compromise between the food corporations and the government.)

Anyway, a grand jury in California this week indicted five people on charges of economic espionage and theft of trade secrets. According to the indictment, the accused were working for the Chinese government on a mission to steal DuPont's secret method for manufacturing titanium dioxide.

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Many of us have occasion to write emails telling people off, but none of us can claim more cause for ire than the author of this particular piece.

We would do well to emulate this level of style.

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Where agriculture comes from.

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They're not flying iPads, flying laptops, or even flying toasters (remember those?) -- but they're not to be missed...
Odds are if you like my books, if you like any books, you'll enjoy this.

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Wow. There's some great quotes here.
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