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Levi Dykstra
I'm 18 years old 6' tall aprox. I love sports and you can E-mail me at I'll answer ......maybe
I'm 18 years old 6' tall aprox. I love sports and you can E-mail me at I'll answer ......maybe

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Time to waste, don't watch this than. This is totally worth your time.... Maybe.

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Wrote it, Spoke it.

The other day some beggar/homeless guy threatened me. It was sorta scary, but he was old and jittery and sickly and weak and pale and short and probably on meth and or crank. I say he was on crank because that drug causes overblown self confidence. Clearly he couldn't of taken me, maybe.
Anyway, stay away from North Omaha.

That awkward moment when someone misuses the word "awkward".

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"I'm not a philosopher, but if you give me enough capital I'll say things that may or may not sound wise." -Me

Today at the dinner table Becky said: "I read a terrible book today."
Me: "Please don't share."
Then she proceeded to tell the worst parts of the book... :p bleh

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I've been contemplating what I'd do if I was shot. Would I play dead like a coward? Quite Possibly.
In my dreams I never seem to have my phone or knives or my wallet, which is a bit of nuisance.

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OK guys I need the people's vote. I'm writing a Psalm 1 rap, which is a better intro?

Choice 1:
Blessed is the man who walks not in,
the counsel of the wicked,
nor stands in the path of sinners,
nor in the scorners seat sitteth.

Choice 2:
Blessed is the man who walks not in the
counsel of the ungodly.
Nor stands in the sinners path.
Nor sits in the seat where the scorners sit at.

17 votes
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A "union" is a terrible term for marriage. Because unions don't work.

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Do people like White cheddar cheese chips? Or do they just eat them? I don't snack on them anymore, those days are through.
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