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I'm launching a new thing soon. It's a thing in OTR. The thing is a building, and the building will be used for stuff.
Simple Space is an event space in the heart of Over The Rhine, Cincinnati. Book short-run, limited-edition, small-batch engagements in this 600/sq. ft. space.
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Oh nice. I love both of those ideas. Really looking forward to seeing what you accomplish.
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Levi Bethune

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For those of you on whom the pun is lost: Marry is a verb meaning to become someone’s husband or wife. The adjective meaning jolly or festive is spelled merry, with an e. - Nevermind.

Levi Bethune

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Was this you in this movie?   George Lucas in Love
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Levi Bethune

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+Justin Boh and I have been working on some fun how-to videos the past week. Here's the first one:
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Levi Bethune

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I've played enough Goldeneye to know which stall to avoid.
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This was the first thing in my feed yesterday and today and I laughed just as hard both times.
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Levi Bethune

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Levi Bethune

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You've made me fall in love with movies all over again. This is brilliant editing and wonderful punctuation of music and dialogue.

Levi Bethune

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Here's the second video +Justin Boh and I just posted today: 
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You may want to send this and the first one to BUNN
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Levi Bethune

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Levi Bethune

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Let's just pretend my birthday is in April, OK?
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haha that actually is my birthday
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A little short for a Stormtrooper.
Levi was raised by a costume designer and a photographer, and lived his childhood in Virginia Beach, VA, on the stage and in front of a computer during the dawn of the public internet. He learned how to love to learn because of his homeschool education, and instead of pursuing a college education, he decided to build up as much experience as he could in whatever creative field’s door he could put his foot in.

Through internships, hardships, fellowships, and spaceships, Levi has chiseled away a career in the creative industry as a trouble-shooter, and a trouble-maker.

Aside from chatting about creativity with Pete on Creative Combat, Levi works at Epipheo, owns and operates Simple Space, and is available for hire as a creative consultant, improvement designer, and art director through Discover&Build.

Levi Bethune has helped solve problems and tell stories for big brands like Intel, Google, Facebook, Disney Parks, Yelp, eBay, LaCie, as well as start-ups and non-profits like Help-Portrait, USIEA, JIJ, Bound4LIFE, Veveo, SurveyMonkey, and Mashable.

You can find Levi on the internet on Instagram, Twitter, Medium, LinkedIn, 500px, YouTube, and at

Levi currently lives in Cincinnati, OH with his wife, Heather, and 4 kids.

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Excellent for date-night, family dinner, and quick bite. Very few places offer such variety of enjoyment while still being simple in its menu offerings. Great decor, and amazingly-stocked bar. We love this place.
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