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I am wondering…. if all my followers would donate just $1…to help…

a DIY microprocessor build from biological parts

(If you do not have Bitcoins, please contact me, we can arrange bank transfer or PayPal)
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To be honest I'm not comfortable experimenting with a highly risky currency x highly risky project at the same time. Why did you choose bitcoins?

From what I found on wikipedia, bitcoins will go up or down in value significantly in a very short amount of time. Making a donation to your project a risky proposition. Essentially you are gambling with the donations. The gamble is not just the success or failure of your project on its own merits, but also an increased risk based on the volatility of bitcoins.

...also, sounds like Germany recently recognized bitcoins legally. Since you are located there did this recent news influence your decision to use them for the donation system?

"In August 2013 Germany's Finance Ministry subsumed Bitcoins under the term "unit of account"—a financial instrument—though not as e-money or a functional currency.[15] Although bitcoin is promoted as a digital currency, many commentators have criticized bitcoin's volatile exchange rate, relatively inflexible supply, high risk of loss, and minimal use in trade.[16][17][18][19][20]"
What do you need the money for. You say in the video what I would get, but that is not a reason to donate. What will this money enable you to do, that you would not be able to do without the money?
Hi Michal!

Thanks for your interest.

The prof at Stanford has chosen Bitcoins, because this was easy to use in an international competition. some info about this course can be found here I can mail your more as a PDF, if you are interested. However, for people who do not can or wish to pay by bit coins other payment forms are also ok. You can use PayPal or Bank transfer. We got so far $2660 via PayPal. I contacted the organizer of the competition and they said, that they will add this to the leader board.  Thus, I can send you a PayPal invoice, if you wish. Please let me know, the amount you wish to donate.

About what the money will be used for:
I added some info on the bottom of the web page
"About the goal of this campaign:
We wish to generate public awareness about a mind blowing new technology, which will change the life of millions. The 100 Bitcoins raised in this campaign will be used for further development of the CAD software."
The main use of the money is to buy time to focus 18h a day on developing the software. 

Thanks again for your interest.

Best Gerd
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